Bakacast – Melodrama Meltdown

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The end of the spring season is finally here, and Karen and Larry join me to give it a swift kick out the door. Sadly, Glen could not be with us because he overslept was busy fighting alien invaders.

In any case, we were quite happy knowing we’d never have to watch X-Men, AnoHana, and Hanasku Iroha ever again. And yes, I know HanaIro didn’t technically end. A season finale is good enough for me. Steins;Gate is fantastic as always (if rather cruel), but [C] tragically fumbles its finale. Oh well. Maybe the two noitaminA shows coming out this summer will make up for the past four that have been on that block. And no matter what happens, we’ll at least have My Little Pony.

In the news segment, we briefly touch on the Thundercats remake and Warren Ellis’ involvement with the crummy Marvel adaptations. Then we answer a couple of listener questions and close out the episode discussing what summer shows we’ll be watching. Try and guess which one we’re checking out just to mock. It shouldn’t be too hard.

We cover:

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