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The end of the spring season is finally here, and Karen and Larry join me to give it a swift kick out the door. Sadly, Glen could not be with us because he overslept was busy fighting alien invaders.

In any case, we were quite happy knowing we'd never have to watch X-Men, AnoHana, and Hanasku Iroha ever again. And yes, I know HanaIro didn't technically end. A season finale is good enough for me. Steins;Gate is fantastic as always (if rather cruel), but [C] tragically fumbles its finale. Oh well. Maybe the two noitaminA shows coming out this summer will make up for the past four that have been on that block. And no matter what happens, we'll at least have My Little Pony.

In the news segment, we briefly touch on the Thundercats remake and Warren Ellis' involvement with the crummy Marvel adaptations. Then we answer a couple of listener questions and close out the episode discussing what summer shows we'll be watching. Try and guess which one we're checking out just to mock. It shouldn't be too hard.

We cover:

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Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • The first anime I watched weekly as it aired in Japan was Spice and Wolf, in the winter of 2008. I knew one day I’d feel all ancient and stuff when someone referred to that anime as being an ‘old classic’, but I didn’t expect it to be this early. Then again, they also referred to Durarara as an old anime, so maybe I can dismiss it this time

    • Jon

      Git off my lawn!

      Damn octogenarians. 

    • In the land of the internets, 2 years is forever.

  • Redcrimson

    I felt like C’s biggest problem was it’s utter inability to stick to any kind of common theme. The yu-gi-mon shonen-battles were visually impressive and a cool concept, but were largely irrelevent to the overall plot. Aside from the first Deal to introduce Mysu and the last Deal to beat Mikuni, they really only served an indirect mechanism to delete dozens of children from existence. The romance between Yoga and Mysu was completely nonsensical and sort of creepy given the implication that she was a representation of his daughter/sister, but I still feel like the show could have been more coherent if they had focused on it. A lot of people thought their relatiobship would be platonic or more innocent, but I thought it was obvious from the beginning: Mysu is a tsundere. That character archetype exists almost solely to cause romantic tension. The one thing the show did right was building the dark, almost Lovecraftian mystery with economic metaphors. But the thing about Lovecraft is that in the end, you understand whatever eldritch dark cosmic force is causing everything. I still have no idea what the financial district is, what it’s purpose is or why I should be scared of it.

    As an aside, I’d like to hear you guys cover Bunny Drop. I’ve been spoiled on how the manga ends and it will definitely effect how I percieve the story in the anime, so I would be interested in getting a fresh opinion of it.

    • Dayriff

      I would also be interested in hearing them cover Bunny Drop.  I have no idea how it ends, but I did read the first volume of the manga.  It’s a very sweet, down-to-earth story about unexpected fatherhood.  The characters are always growing and changing.  In particular, I think Larry could bring a lot to it, having raised some girls himself.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no! My e-mail didn’t go through in time!

  • Dayriff

    Regarding MLP, the more you guys discuss the Earth Pony handicap, the more I’m starting to see Applejack as Batman on the Justice League.  Sure she doesn’t have the powers of the unicorns or pegasii and she doesn’t have cartoon physics like Pinkie Pie.  But she is a badass who steps up while others are yapping, and that counts for a lot.

    You guys don’t seem to have a lot of time for him, but I think Grevil (pointy-hair) is one of the more interesting characters on Gosick.  He obviously wants to be a good guy on some level, but he’s just completely incapable of standing up to his father.  And now I guess he never will, given that dear old dad is dead.

    You guys named the Summer anime you were going to try individually, but isn’t there a Bakacast list of “shows to watch because we’re going to discuss them on the podcast”?  I know in past episodes Larry has made a reference to Dustin or Glen (I forget) sending out such a list.

    Was it just me, or did [C] imply that Yoga had given up his entire future to reverse the presses and now no one could see or hear him anymore?  (That is, when other characters looked his way in those closing minutes, all they saw was empty space.)  I saw his last kiss with Mashu as being all he could do to make her happy, since he might never see her again.  However, I agree the ending was very confusing.

    • Anonymous

      Believe it or not, the “which superheroes would the ponies be” question has been answered by my favorite comics blogger, Chris Sims.

      Yes, there is a list, but usually the first couple weeks of a new season are more chaotic. We watch what shows we can during the first week or two, then as we reject certain shows we narrow down what we’re watching to something more manageable and consistent. By the third or fourth week, we know what we’re going to be discussing for the rest of the season, and that’s when the list is truly created.

      As for [C]…that might be a valid interpretation. But who really knows? The ending is vague enough that we could make good cases for pretty much any crazy theory we could come up with.

    • Karen

      More “Back in the Day” MLP knowledge from BakaGrandma: in the original series, the pegasi couldn’t take off from a standstill like helicopters- they had to get a run-up, at least in the beginning of the series. So it was a major plot point in one of the specials that an earth pony who could jump high had an advantage over a pegasus who could fly in certain situations. On this show, Rainbow Dash seems to be able to levitate more or less effortlessly, so the one remaining earth pony advantage has been taken away from them. Sniff.

      Years ago, I wrote an explanation of how the classic MLPs could defeat the X-Men, only I can’t find it anywhere; I should probably just do a new version. Pinkie Pie >Cyclops, obviously.

    • I can’t be the only one interested in Karen’s My Little Pony vs. X-Men fanfiction, can I?

  • Father of Love

    Since you asked.

    On [C].
    Just because you didn’t listen doesn’t make it bad. It was explained that after printing money, a process that takes future. Does not take this future immediately, it happens some after some time. Yoga was fighting to revers the press before the future was taken

    Next, the [C] that was coming was based on Midas money. The value of Midas money is based on the value of the currency in its own country. By making the Yen worth nothing, Midas money in Japan was also worth nothing. In turn making [C] worth nothing and stripping it of all its effects on Japan. In case you didn’t notice. When Q used ‘economic blockade’ it broke because the Midas money in the attack lost its value

    Reversing the press does not bring back people or country’s, only the future. It’s not a time machine. This was the reason Yoga was fighting. To revers the press before more people disappeared.

    Lastly, everyone was using dollars because. In what currency did everyone turn their Yen’s in? Thats why.

    Those where the points I remember. If you need more help on explaining why things happen, I assume you got my e-mail via this comment. If not, your loss. And remember, shows don’t an extra episode to explain stuff they already did.

  • Dayriff

    Okay, I didn’t see it mentioned in the “checking it out” Summer discussion, so I’m recommending it now.  You really need to check out “Kami-sama no Memo-chou”.  The protagonist is worthless, but the mystery is some dark, dark sh*t.  Oh look, it’s a silly NEET detective… investigating schoolgirl prostitutes who have turned up missing.  Yeah.

    What a Frankenstein of a show.  The regular characters are all silly archetypes, and then the mystery is deadly serious and depressing.  I really want to see what the Bakacast crew makes of it.

  • Larry, I’m with you with the overall Steins; Gate. Don’t let these snot-nosed kids try and buffoon you! Actually. I would give it a 3.5 for several reasons, mostly in the first half of the series. It’s one of the those things where things picked just in time to where you can say, “okay, now THIS is awesome”. Honestly, if I hadn’t heard so many recommend it I would have probably dropped it, but it paid off.

    Oh, speaking of which, I saw Takaki Digitarou Kosaka earlier today, president of Nirtoplus (the people who brought us Steins; Gate) at Anime Expo. Very cool guy! I wish I had time to stay at the end so I could ask him about what he thought of maybe bringing these games outside Japan. Now THAT is the version of Steins;Gate I could dig into!

    • Some of Nitro+’s games have already been released in English: Phantom of Inferno, the first of the Demonbane series, and Saya no Uta being some of their more (in)famous ones which have made it over so far.

    • Oh, you’re right! In fact, I actually bought Demonbane while I was there, but I was referring to the games released on console platforms. I know, “who in the right mind would want to play Chaos; Head on a 360/PSP/iDevice?”, but why not, especially when it could lead to releasing more VNs that get touched up from their PC counterparts? A pipedream!

      JAST finally (officially) announced Saya no Uta, too. I’m very pumped for that as well. The comic of that made in the U.S. was… interesting.

  • Karen

    I saw KamiMemo 1 and I think Jon has too, so it’ll probably come up on the show. I get what you mean about the contrast of the archetypal character types versus the grimdark plot, but I wasn’t a fan- mostly because Alice grated on my nerves.

    Apparently, in addition to “four cute girls doing cute things”, “Loli bitches solving mysteries” is now a subgenre….

  • As is ‘weird people doing shady stuff around the neighborhood,’ which God’s Memo Pad also falls into.

  • Dayriff

    I disliked Alice for a lot of the episode, but I did appreciate when she got all passionate and “I am on a mission to help the dead” about it.  Always nice to have a character who is emotionally invested in the premise.

  • Somoking

    Equestria daily has been mentioning podcasts who give shout outs in the daily round up for awhile
    so i submitted you guys i mean your doing a full on review.
    Cross your fingers .
    ( if you guys don’t get notified about it all post in the comments if you get posted)