Bakacast – Hate-chan’s Counterattack


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This week, we bring in Bakacast power-listener and Universal Century super-fan Hate-chan to help us discuss the Mobile Suit Gundam remake. Continuing the mecha theme, we then wonder how many people will actually be crazy enough to buy the phenomenally overpriced Evangelion wine.

Then, in the “Whatcha Been Doing?” segment, I talk for far too long about video games, as is customary. It’s about The Witcher 2, though, so at least it’s a game I enjoy this time.

In the reviews segment, we have our first “proper” review of Soft Tennis courtesy of Karen, Larry and Glen; Gosick makes us scratch our heads even more than it usually does; Steins;Gate ends with a literal bang; and [C] goes all Madoka Magica on us. Also, we begin our retroactive review of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season one. Our conclusion? It really sucks to be an Earth Pony, and Princess Celestia is a troll.

We cover:

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