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It's the Bakacast Comeback Tour!

Any rumors of our death are grossly exaggerated. After going on hiatus last week due to most of our staff being on vacation, we're back this week with a vengeance! Well, half a vengeance anyway, since Karen and Dustin were still unavailable. But Joris (aka Aquagaze) filled in for them, so that brings us up to a solid three-fourths of a vengeance... and I'm pretty sure the album art makes up for the rest.

1:15 - Steins;Gate 16 & 17
7:58 - Hanasku Iroha 16 & 17
13:43 - Double J 3 & 4
16:09 - Sacred Seven 3 & 4
22:26 - Ikoku Meiru no Croisee 3 & 4
30:34 - Nyanpire 3 & 4 (DROPPED)
34:54 - Bunny Drop 3 & 4
42:53 - No. 6 3 & 4
49:43 - Mawaru Penguindrum 3 & 4
58:17 - Dantalion no Shoka 1-3
1:09:51 - Listener questions

Click to see the song by John Gibson.


Sorry I didn't get to all the listener questions this week, but I felt the ones involving My Little Pony should be saved until Dustin and Karen returned.

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at], @reply them to Project Haruhi's Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.

Bonus Trivia: This episode of Bakacast was exactly 1:44:44 long. I'm sure that means something. Somebody call a numerologist!

About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
  • It’s not showing up on iTunes.  Is this the same problem as last time?

  • Ryu

    Nine hundred and ninety thousand pounds!!!!

    Edit: just a small thing, the itunes date is off for some weird reason, displaying 07/03/11.

    • Jon

      It looks fine to me.

  • I will accept that humor is quite a relatively subjective topic. I could make arguments to the effect that Cromartie High has the same kinds of things you seem to admonish Nichijou for but that would really be going nowhere.

    I know Jon and I had some disagreement about this when I contributed to Aquagaze’s preview article, so I think I’d like to ask you all about it. I know you guys like Croisee, I honestly am enjoying it too. However, I still seem to see certain parts of explaining cultural differences to be highly concieted, explaining how greater japanese culture is for what it has. One example I’ll bring up again is how a 1900s frenchman, regardless of if he’s really very religious, would be surprised at pre-meal ritual. Also, Yune, what with her high education in the french language and very
    expensive posessions was probably the child of a rich family before
    coming to Paris, so I see it making sense that she would be able to bathe daily, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that that would be the same for any common Japanese citizen in the early 1900s. Come to think of it, I think the same would also apply to how Oscar says she’s used to hot meals for breakfast.

    I guess what I’m getting at is do any of you see this or am I just reading too much into it?

    • Jon

      Actually, daily hot bathing was practiced on nearly every level of Japanese society, even prior to the Tokugawa Shogunate. In fact, when the Europeans first landed in Japan, the Japanese nicknamed them the ‘Southern Barbarians’ partially because of their lack of hygiene (in those days Europeans were lucky to get a bath once a week) and partially because they touched food with their fingers (whereas the Japanese used chopsticks). From the Japanese point of view, Europeans were smelly, unkempt, sloppy eaters and far too candid with their emotions and opinions.

      As for hot meals, remember that the primary source of grains throughout all of Japan’s history was rice, which was nearly always eaten cooked. Breakfast, lunch and dinner would be accompanied by a bowl of hot rice, although some of the lower caste peasants were known to mix it with millet.

      I think it’s a bit disingenuous that you’re accusing the Japanese creative staff behind this anime of getting their own culture wrong. You need to do more research next time.

    • From what I read I was under the impression this was noble families and I didn’t really see anything that conclusively said this was part of all people’s daily lives, but I suppose I could have just not looked far enough. You seem to have some knowledge on the subject, I would really appreciate if you linked me to your sources.
      Also, I suppose it would make sense that every meal would come with hot rice. I apologize, consider that point redacted.

      However, the dinner ritual scene still puzzles me, it just seems highly improbable that a french family at that time would be so surprised at something that is at the very least somewhat similar in mannerisms to prayer.

  • May

    Gosh, her tongue is HUGE!!!!

  • Dayriff

    Why do people still like Tiger & Bunny?  Because it’s an awesome superhero show that really feels like American superhero comics.  Which admittedly means characters carrying the idiot ball regularly, but us superhero fans are used to that.

    To me episodes 2 & 3 of Dantalion no Shoka felt like, “Awesome, my manga pilot chapter was popular enough to get serialized.  Oh wait, that means I actually have to firm up some sort of long term arc, and I have to keep publishing while I do it.  Guess I’ll do a few filler ‘status quo’ chapters while I work out the main plot.”

    No Blade review this week?  I didn’t think you had dropped it.

    Since the topic of “shows you dropped that might have gotten better” came up this week, allow me to give you a few updates.

    SKET Dance got much better.  They toned down the yelling and all those characters from the early episodes who seemed like one-shots turned into reoccurring cast members.  Also we got the hilarious student council, who are also a group of quirky students who devote themselves to helping out their classmates… and are just slightly better at it than SKET, meaning it’s one of those great rivalries where the protagonists are the underdogs and lose some of the time.  (It’s okay since they’re losing to good guys.)

    It turns out Yuru Yuri just wanted to gradually ramp up the yuri over the first few episodes.  We now have three unrequited crushes, one “just kiss already” pair whose bickering is so much UST, one character who constantly has yuri fantasies, and in the most recent episode a “practice kissing” make-out… where the practice was for a third girl.

    And oh yeah, in Suite Precure it turns out that Seiren (the evil black cat) was the stealth main character of the series.  Gradually over the past four or five episodes she has become the “redeemed dark magical girl” and pretty much the new protagonist.  Which is a little odd, as you’d think that a transformed cat-girl from a magical land would be a little too exotic to be a proper audience identification figure for the girls watching.  (Seiren also gets an awesome guitar for her magical girl Precure wand.)

  • Jeckyllgeek

    The song is a simple parody of Sinead O’Conner’s Nothing compares to you.

    You can find it here

  • I saw episode 1 of Peguindrum and immediately thought, this Director just wants to re create Utena doesn’t he? It looks good visually but i just wasnt emotionally moved by the characters. Also Utena does not have any symbolism at all, its just the director throwing random stuff in random places.

  • Ryu

    Glen, did you ever figure out what was bothering you so much about Dantalian’s second episode?

  • Ryu

    Glen, did you ever figure out what was bothering you so much about Dantalian’s second episode?

  • OH SHI- Aquagaze! Come on, y’all, let’s break the floor down
    See, now here’s a man who can feel Nichijou with his soul.

    Props to the dude who asked the two-parter question, too. I swear I was planning on asking the same question about what dress you guys liked and what “American tropes” you’d want to see in anime.
    Actually, I’ll expand on that in my own answer. It’s a simple one, but the sitcom family. There are families in anime that are pretty wacky, but I don’t recall too many where the family is the focus, just going day-by-day putting up with each other.

    We’ve also seen that American super heroes don’t work in anime (or how they’re handle, at least), so I’d like to see a Japanese one. Although it’s easy to fall into the super saiyan/mahou shoujo category and its own tropes, but think along the lines the traditional American style. Instead of powering up and having a two-part episode till they finish doing that, have an individual say “man, f@#% this!” either at a caclamerate or at society, throw on a homemade costume and bam. It shouldn’t do it in a parody way, either. I really want to how it’d turn out. I’m maybe like Kick-Ass.

    You know what kills a lot of potentially awesome ideas, imo? The over dramatic bits. In anime we see real situations with characters who act anything but most of the time. How many times have you seen a scene where instead you’re rooting for the characters, you’re saying, “man what dummy! What you’d do that?!”?
    Like Glen said, have a romantic show where the character has some weevos and confidence, but no, they have to have a character that trips over his own feet being a wishy-washy the whole time while half the population of Japan throw themselves at his/her feet. Here’s revolutionary idea; have the characters date. I enjoy romantic anime series, but man, can we have one where they start dating at the start of the series, not at the last 5 minutes of the final? Please?