Bakacast – Be My Dungeon Master

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I’m finally back from my exile in Minnesota and watched three weeks worth of anime in just a few days, all so I could argue with Jon. Unfortunately, he had to be responsible and go to a job interview; so he’s escaped my vengeance this time. But soon, Jon. Soon, I will destroy you.

Karen’s back too, and we start off the podcast by giving her a chance to talk about her Otakon adventure, which was a bit of a mixed bag. Then we lead off the review segment by ripping the disappointing final Break Blade episode to shreds. As for our regularly scheduled reviews, Steins;Gate continues to not act like Steins;Gate, Double J botches its last chance, our predictions for Sacred Seven‘s trainwreck potential end up being scarily accurate, No. 6 completely wastes an episode, and I finally get the chance to release my pent up rage toward Ringo of Penguindrum.

We cover:

  • 2:11 – Otakon
  • 17:19 – Break Blade #6
  • 32:12 – Steins;Gate #18
  • 40:58 – Double J #5
  • 45:28 – Sacred Seven #5
  • 52:48 – Ikoku Meiru no Croisee #5
  • 59:43 – Bunny Drop #5
  • 1:06:04 – No. 6 #5
  • 1:10:50 – Mawaru Penguindrum #5
  • 1:19:47 – My Little Pony #11 & 12
  • 1:29:55 – Listener questions

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get through all the questions this time. So if we didn’t answer your question this episode, don’t worry. We’ll get to it eventually.

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at], @reply them to Project Haruhi’s Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.