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Karen wasn't able to appear on this podcast, as she was off bravely challenging the Hurricane Lord to a battle of wits and martial strength. As a result, we delayed our Redline review by one week. It will be on the next podcast, we promise! To make up for it, we cover a couple of mecha-related news stories and give an impromptu preview of what we're looking forward to in the fall season. And, now that I'm back, I inevitably get in an argument with Dustin about Dalian's merits (or lack therof) as a character.

  • 2:03 - News Segment (Tomino announcement and new Eva Rebuild trailer)
  • 7:18 - Watcha Been Doing?
  • 15:03 - Hanasaku Iroha #21
  • 18:58 - Steins;Gate #21
  • 24:26 - Bunny Drop #8
  • 32:34 - No. 6 #8
  • 39:14 - Dantalian no Shoka #7
  • 46:34 - Mawaru Penguindrum #7
  • 53:10 - My Little Pony #17 & 18
  • 59:08 - Upcoming season (based on Scamp's preview)
  • 1:10:35 - Listener questions

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About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.

  • I would like to confirm that I never even read the BokuTomo light novels, only the manga. HELLO JON!

    Also, here comes copypasta from something I wrote in response to Scamp’s BokuTomo preview.

    “Hoo boy, there are no words to describe the utter fear I have for my dearest, dearest BokuTomo ending up being the dud of the season, of course praised for all the reasons I don’t want it to be praised for by people whose names I’ve gotten tired of mentioning, and mocked by the half of the anime fandom I care about.Yet, how much the reputation of the studio behind it, the reputation of its medium and the perpetually blushing character designs may weigh my arguments in favour of BokuTomo down, I’m still going to try and defend it. Dearest me.BokuTomo’s premise is trite. Its characters are trite. Honestly, that picture you see above doesn’t attract me either. When I first stumbled upon the manga and read the premise, I was on the lookout for another terribad ecchi manga to tear apart. BokuTomo looked like the perfect victim. Yet it wasn’t.It had charm. It had jokes that were actually funny. It had a cast of quirky characters that may have very simple character traits and an idiosyncrasy of their own, but these quirks were always played out in a matter that makes it refreshing. There was hardly any -in fact, none- harem competing. Hardly any pointless fanservice. Hardly any character derailment. Hardly any accidental undressing. In every single one of the 15 chapters the manga is currently strong, the Neighbor’s Club either establishes a new character or engages in an activity which supposedly could help them make friends, with hilarity ensuing.Yes, this manga is a direct adaptation of the novels. It does, however only running up until the last member of the cast joins the club. I don’t know what kinds of weird antics will happen after this, but I do know that this first part of the franchise, which spans more than just one novel is extremely charming and entertaining. Yes, it’s cliched; and maybe, while I argue it’s better than most other light novels, it’s not a saving grace for the medium. All I want you to do, is at least give it a chance. If you enjoyed OreImo in some way, BokuTomo might fit right up your alley.”

  • Definitely give Last Exile a whirl. I saw Fam at a screening at AX and it looks promising. Still, the original series is solid. Actually, it’d be interesting to hear your guys thoughts on it seeing how this season has been pretty bleh.

    Glen, are you sure about that yaoi theory? I mean, I couldn’t tell you how many times my friends needed a “wing-man” ’cause the “girl friend” was so protective of the lady, while dudes I’ve known were way, way insecure about their girlfriend/wife talking to other men. Relationships are so complicating 🙁
    Oh yeah, the guys saying “no sex, no money” etc. was referencing The Vapors song… or Kirsten Dunst:

    For that last question, I’ll say this: Ralph Bakshi. Fritz The Cat has the most compelling death scene, animated or otherwise, I’ve ever seen. You can see it here (*spoilers* obviously):
    Larry, you remember Banana Splits, too?! “One banana, two banana, three banana four~”. Crazy times.

    • I was speaking in huge generalizations, so no, that’s not going to be applicable in all instances; it’s obviously much too complicated to be distilled into a few sentences.

    • Thanks Matty I need that!

    • Ryu

      Hahaha did they seriously make the african american analogues crows in that Fritz the cat clip?

    • Ryu

      It’s always good to put in the words, “I’m speaking in extremely general terms,” and “on the basis of western culture, they are apparently taught,” when addressing issues as complex as gender relations. Like where I live it’s the other way ’round more often than not (probably because it is full of rapists and serial killers.)

    • I always figured sweeping generalizations were just assumed whenever a conversation drifts into gender studies, but apparently not.

      I’m well aware that there are essentially two different brands of feminism. I just like making jokes.

  • Micheal fairfield

    Where’s Kyubey

  • Who recorded that Nuclear Fusion cover at the end?

  • Ryu

    Man if you’re a grown woman and stuck in the Dantalian universe you better pretend to be a dude ’cause otherwise you’re gonna end up dead, crazy and/or some evil magician’s backstabbing experiment.

    • Ryu

      “the journey is worth it”

      Oh man, quote of the year.

    • That’s not what I meant when I was describing ‘Honey & Honey.’ I meant that I didn’t like that it’s more of a documentary or a lecture or something rather than an actual narrative.

    • Ryu

      Oh, man am I dumb!

      Sorry bro

    • Ryu

      yo dustin how far are ya into bastion?

    • Anonymous

      I just finished the first story arc and am now collecting power shards.

      I’ve been distracted by El Shaddai, though, so I haven’t gotten much farther than that.

  • Anonymous

    Question for next week/commenters: I finally started watching Cowboy Bebop (I know, I know), and found it has what is probably my favorite type of sci-fi/fantasy setting, which I’ve always personally called a “near earth” setting (maybe there’s an official term for it?)  In this setting, humanity is spread out over a small handful of planets – having colonized either the solar system or a small handful of nearby stars. The setting gives an array of environments and cultures to move through and plenty of fairly lawless space for ruthless corporations, bounty hunters and the like to compete over, while keeping Earth and its array of cultures squarely in the picture. Most critically, there are no highly intelligent alien species. Maybe there is a small amount of alien technology, but the stories don’t spend half the time on interspecies relations and alien psychology or interstellar war as is almost inevitable once intelligent aliens enter the picture. Can you recommend any anime series, books, or other works of art in this kind of setting?  I paid for old and incredibly politically dated 2300 AD game manuals at one point, I was so desperate for more of it.
    Not too much to say about the reviews except that I don’t know why MLP has such bizarre episode sequencing. We get a fall episode two episodes after winter and two CMC episodes in a row. Next week is two Rarity episodes in a row, although that’s much less of a bad thing. I might give Stare Master a slightly higher score because there’s a lot of pretty good stuff alongside the painful stuff, but the overall effect of CMC overload is pretty difficult to stomach. Oh, and take heart, because the last CMC episode of the season is actually above average, in my opinion. It’s only about 20% CMC and 80% main ponies. 

  • Dayriff

    Hmm, not much to comment on regarding your reviews this week.However, I am really eager for next week’s podcast, in which I get to hear what you think of Stein’s Gate 22 (Wow!) and Redline (WOW!!) and apparently a prepared rant on black-and-white morality.