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How to Play Hi10P Anime

So, a lot of fansubbers are switching over to a magical new H.264 profile called Hi10P. Basically, 10 bit color is supposed to deliver anime MKVs in smaller filesizes and with less banding. A few fansub groups have already made the switch, and many more are expected to come the fall season.

The problem is, the CCCP is using outdated technology doesn't support Hi10P yet. The beta tryout does, but it's glitchy as all hell. So what's a poor otaku to do? There are several options for PC users, some better than others.

Option 1: Download the latest beta of VLC. This is only a good idea if you're using Linux.

Option 2: Pay twelve bucks for CoreAVC. Sadly, the 3.0 release of this codec has some nasty bugs in it. Not as bad as the CCCP beta, but still pretty annoying.

Option 3: Use Media Player Classic + MadVR. This solution seems to work pretty well, but also involves a long, arduous setup process.

Option 4: Use Media Player Classic + LAV Filters. This seems to be the best option I've tried. The LAV video codec supports a broad selection of media formats and uses the same technology as CoreAVC without the high price tag or bugs.

So my recommendation is to use LAV, at least until the CCCP gets its act together. Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Download the latest installer. Install the LAV codecs.

Step 2: Get into MPC's options and configure it like the picture below. Make sure you set the LAV codecs to Prefer. I opted to use the Haali Media Splitter instead of the LAV one because it's more compatible with certain file types frequently used by groups like CoalGirls.

Step 3: Exit and restart MPC so your filter preferences will take effect.

Step 4: Download this 10bit encode of the Madoka OP and try playing it. If it plays perfectly with no artifacting, odd color shifts or glitches, you're golden.

Step 5: Go watch Redline in 10 bits. Seriously.

NOTE: If you have a previous version of CoreAVC installed, you may need to go into the settings application ("Configure CoreAVC") and make sure it's not set as the preferred decoder.

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Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
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  • MPC seems to do the job well. Haven’t seen any problems yet. And the filesize difference is massive. From a 7gb to 4gb file for an anime movie. Splendid.

    • Jon

      Of course, the filesize still depends on the skill of the encoder. Bad fansub groups will still find a way to inflate their files to ludicrous sizes even with this new technology.

  • David Josselyn

    For users of OS X, MPlayerX seems to work fine. It’s in the App Store.

    • Razafrazz

      Amen. It plays hi10p beautifully and is an improvement over all of the previous mplayer gui implementations for Mac.

  • Ragnakor

    I must say, having the Madoka OP in 1080p and only 66 MBs is pure gold. 5 GBs for 1080p Redline isn’t too bad either.
    Can’t wait for Coalgirls to have actual decent filesizes.

    • noko

       >Can’t wait for Coalgirls to have actual decent filesizes.


  • Thanks for the tutorial, What fansub does the Madoka OP, or just a single encode?

  • quasd

    Thanks fore the guide. You just saved my day.

  • ycart59

    Oh god, thank you so much. I’ve spent the past two hours trying to figure out another tutorial on how to set it up, and they totally messed up my MPC-HC, so I uninstalled everything for the third time of the evening just to get 8-bit to work again. I find yours, fix TWO LITTLE THINGS, and both 8-bit and 10-bit work perfectly. You have no idea how much of a lifesaver you are to me.

  • quack

    For some reason, subtitles won’t show up after I did this. Do you have any suggestions that may help?

    • Tonameki

      hmmmmmm even though I can perfectly play the Madoka opening I still can’t play any anime I downloaded in 10-bit play -.-”

    • lolipok

      Me too. Any tips?

    • Heika

      I think I found a way to get the subtitles back while retaining at least most of the better video-sound sync that the LAV gave us. Grab the xy-vsfilter at: 

      Unzip the file folder into the “Filters” folder in CCCP. Then go back into WMP, then Options –> Add Filter –> Browse, and then select the “VSFilter.dll” file that should be in the new folder you have under that “Filters” folder in CCCP. Eventually your filters list should look like this:

      Both “Haali Media Spliter” and the last “DirectVobSub (auto-loading version)” should have “Prefer” checked for both of them. Hopefully that will fix the issue; at least it did for me for the most part. There’s just a little bit of video rate lag trying to catch up to the sound, but it only happens about every 1-2 minutes instead of every 20 seconds like it was before the LAV fix. Good luck!

  • Toysaucer

    what do yall guys have ur output set to?

  • Sure

    Step 1. Throw away your WDTV/POPCORN/ETC
    Step 2. Throw away your video card

    Step 3. Waste more power on pure CPU decoding.

    Step 4. Enjoy your anime on a small computer screen instead of your nice TV.

    I can see the benefits of this awesome new trend.

    • Step 1. Throw away your WDTV/POPCORN/ETC
      -> irrelevant, with a standard OS you can run other stuffs than leaving the whole kit in idle, e.g. torrent, streamer, NAS, pseudo PS2/3, pseudo xbox.

      Step 2. Throw away your video card
      -> have you ever thought of just buying a Celeron G1610 could save you more money than an atom+GPU or zacate?
      $79.99 –
      $49.99 –
      $129.98 – Celeron G1610 + GIGABYTE GA-H61N-USB3

      Step 3. Waste more power on pure CPU decoding.
      -> depends on which processor you use, newer intel processors consumes as little as 30watts while software decoding 1080P 10bit, so what does it costs you to run a slightly more power hungry system? a penny every month?
      if you want to argue with power consumptions, do realize that a hardware decode still has [idle-cpu]+[working-gpu] in contrast to [cpu@medium load]

      Step 4. Enjoy your anime on a small computer screen instead of your nice TV.
      -> do realize that a TV is basically a super sized monitor with a built-in tuner, ever heard of HDMI?

  • does anyone know if there’s gonna be support for multimedia HDD like WD live hub or lacie lacinema. also know if there is a way to install third party plug-ins to this devices

  • kharon

    a thousands tx

  • rizal prabowo

    Hi. What Renderer did you use? I’m still confused whether to use EVR custom press or madVR. From what i read, madVR seems to have the best quality, but use so much resource.

    What Renderer would you choose if your system use only software decoding? (My System only use i3 2100, no GPU card) 

  • Denyx

    It works very well! :DI’m really very grateful for your explanation. 🙂

  • Rttj_37

    Yeah! It plays smoothly!
    Only one thing..
    The subs are missing…
    Please help.

  • Do people still use MPC? PotPlayer plays everything perfectly 😉 without installing any filters.

  • trust me this works!

  • Genjo45

    The Potplayer works just perfect!!
    Thanks Adam Paris

  • Dioseolo1

    *cough*Coalgirls encoding sucks*cough*

  • John Titor

    For mac osx lion 10.7.2 users MplayerX works beautifully. 

  • Martin Šilhavý

    Well, this sure is nice but I hate it. Now i can’t watch anime in FullHD or HD on my netbook, because this shitty codec cat be played via VDPAU or DXVA. 

  • Toradtglagi


  • The only problem im having recently is that subtitles wont show up does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Oran G Coon

    Thank you so much for this guide.  The new shows aren’t glitchy anymore.

    @Heika – Thanks! The subs work now!

  • Dfdsaf

    subtitles dont work, therefore, this is a terrible guide that just makes another problem 

  • I don’t know when exactly I might have found Redline.. but after reading your comment and being curious I jumped on You Tube and watched a dozen seconds of the trailer and I realized it was something special. I’m gonna go the full 1080 with this.

  • Roxas

    I want to cry. Thank you so much

  • Lava

    I watched Redline 1080p 10bit, seriously that was just amazing. The best anime quality i have ever saw. Thanks for the suggestion

    I watched it in Media Player Classics

  • Madkracker696

    One other thing I did find useful in playback in terms of fewer skipped frames and audio breaks was scaling down font resolution for subtitles through MPC-HC.
    To change this go to MPC-HC and follow these instructions:
    1. Click View > Options
    2. Subtitles > Texture Settings > Max Texture Resolution: change “Desktop” to “384×288”.

    I barely noticed any significant change in subtitle resolution other than it appears minutely fuzzy while still easily legible, yet fantastic improvement in fluidity of a few different hi10p anime. Good guide, btw! I’ll recommend it to some friends.

  • Kinny Schenider

    I tried as instructed and tried watching a 10bit encode of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, but the video and the audio is off-sync. It was already like that even before I start tweaking the filters and stuff. What should I do?

  • hateallfansubbers

    Is there any media player device which connects to the TV and can decode hi10p content?

    • piknockyou

      Not yet. I tried Himedia Q10 Pro and Zidoo X8. The native players can’t play it at all. The DVDPlayer from Kodi only very limited. The SoCs are to weak to software decode Hi10-files with higher levels and bitrates. There is no hardware decoder.

      I read the Shield can do it when you turn off hardware decoding, but did not test it.