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Bakacast #306 – Where The Gundams At?

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In outer space, apparently.

Due to scheduling difficulties and life interfering, we were forced to skip a few weeks of recording. So of course the logical thing to do was to recap, like, four episodes of each series we're watching, because we're a group of people who make great life choices. Long story short: Drifters loses its appeal but everything else stays pretty much on course. Overall this has been a pretty impressive season; and judging by the what I'm seeing for winter, we're about to face a pretty steep drop in watchable shows.

Also, there was a bit of an unavoidable technical problem with this episode. Megan's computer fan caused a noticeable high-pitched buzz in the recording, but one can't simply turn off a computer fan (it tends to end badly for the computer). I did my best to remove as much as I could, but it will likely still be noticeably when she talks. I apologize for any bother this causes.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 01:48 - Yuri on Ice
  • 12:01 - Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
  • 21:06 - Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • 29:50 - Shuumatsu no Izetta 1
  • 39:42 - Drifters
  • 44:12 - Flip Flappers

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Mark Benjamin

    hey there you, miss me. I have so much to ask and since you guys are taking a while I might as well bring a nice storm after my great hibernation. lets begin

    so first of

    Q1 what is each of your preferences and types of show you gravitate to down to preference character world and righting and whats your sweet spot at the levels of these categories
    b- studio and directer preference
    c- manga and web novel/ colord manwa
    d- regret of not giving a show a chance after 2 – 4 eps
    e- don’t care wont give it another chance
    f- books

    Q2 what movies and games / books / anime deliver on your expectations this year
    b-good but not great that you forgave or not
    c- complete disappointment
    d- surprise
    e-porn for the eyes / anime included

    Q3 what good tv/netflex shows did you see
    b- who got you to see them or rope you in
    c-how was the comic etc shows
    d- will you see any shows moving foreword
    e- and where does Allstate stand

    Q4 what new fun things or not so fun but got to do anyway stuff you been up to
    b- new hobby
    c-did Dustin finally achieve his dream of becoming a great UFC fighter and porn star

    Q5 do you guys have good suggestions on blogs I’m already following thecartdriver randomc jasuotaku and for podcast projecth thecdriver weebcast afterbuzz ANNcast weeklymonga recap do you guys have suggestions .
    are you following any of these guys and what do you think of them
    i just like a well rounded banter with some intelligent incite in my pod cast what about you

    Q6 manga suggestions for me or your mates
    b- the many i got reincarnated stories are a thing i just got used to and are judging them on there entertainment and what small difference make you good rather then ignoring them what about you guys

    and now please at least read the synopses

    oh wow a big muscle man that happiness to be the hero .
    – that can cook
    oh well that’s not that special
    -he is a emigrant living in the demon lands looking for acceptance
    oh so
    and he is wonted for something

    oh my god is that a wasp wait what is this sticky stuff on my back
    – ohh regret regret what is that eggs no no no OK got to get over this.

    Trump (lee Chae-eun)

    Ibitsu no Amalgam
    the guy actually confesses first episode wow so actual development hay is that a train

    Shut Hell
    so I’m in the body of a victim of war trend mass murder so i can look for the girl i just met as a past life kid and he is the son of the mongrel what and i haft to fight for my life in this crazy girls body

    Happiness (OSHIMI Shuzo)
    oh more vampires do you sparkle no stop biting wow i feel tired but i don’t want to die
    – ok have fun

    Otome Sensou
    haw cool are guns and nights and the gun is welded buy who wait isn’t that a war crime

    so there just the exman without the exman yup but what about the hollows aren’t they supposed to be in bleach well the stories good oh wow poor guy

    Vinland Saga
    vikings enough said oh and eye porn

    Aku no Kyouten

    Youjo Senki
    more then enough fun