Bakacast #311 – A Beautiful Mess

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At least it was interesting.

We finish off the last of the fall season shows and look back on this year of anime by handing out some awards to our favorite stuff. In addition to the typical Anime of the Year award, we had some extra categories, too: Best Male and Female Characters, Best Soundtrack (with Best OP/ED added at the last minute), Best Style, Biggest Disappointment, and Biggest Surprise.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below. And let us know what anime you think deserved awards, too!

Time Index

  • 02:44 – Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 38
  • 12:17 – Flip Flappers 12 & 13
  • 27:01 – Keijo!!!!!!!! 12
  • 34:29 – Anime of the Year Awards
  • 1:04:12 – Listener questions