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Bakacast #342 – Remove Their Pants

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On this episode of Bakacast, I treat myself for my birthday and have Luke review Brave Witches solo. I say I deserve it. Also, Fate/Apocrypha gets dumber, and Made in Abyss becomes more divisive.

  • 04:26 - Luke Reviews: Brave Witches
  • 12:37 - Princess Principal 9
  • 24:33 - Fate/Apocrypha 8-10
  • 35:55 - My Hero Academy 34
  • 40:44 - Made in Abyss 9
  • 51:56 - Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul 20
  • 1:00:52 - Shoukaku no Altair 8
  • 1:09:39 - The Reflection 7
  • 1:14:20 - Owarimonogatari S2 Part 3
  • 1:35:24 - Listener questions

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Dayriff

    Some commentary on shows I’ve been watching that you might or might not have been reviewing as we wrap up this anime season:

    1. With the My Hero Academy season finale, we finally see the anime reveal one of the series’ big hidden cards. Facepalm-guy isn’t just the leader of the villains, but he’s also explicitly “the next generation”, being molded by All for One into the next great villain just as All Might is trying to make Deku into the next great hero. The show is clever about the parallel too, making sure that the villain’s journey always seems as pathetic and grubby as it would be. Midoriya takes inspiration from All Might while Facepalm *blames* All Might and is driven by petty jealousy. (Yes, I know Facepalm has a name, Ben… I don’t respect the character enough to bother looking it up and using it. He doesn’t deserve to be anything other than Facepalm.)

    2. Centaur’s Worries was as weird a show as the manga it was based on. See, it’s nominally about cute animal girls and the cute animal girls take a lot of screen time, but the manga author also seems to use the series to write about anything he feels like writing about at the moment. Sometimes this can be about real world but small scale issues like if a single parent is justified in continuing to pursue his artistic dreams, even if this means he’s not giving his daughters the attention they deserve and need. Or having characters discuss the nature of art. Or having snake people pilot a fake robotic god to interrupt a mermaid religious ceremony for their own inscrutable ends. Or a native south american man who has become a great success in the western world trying to protect the people of his home village, and frustrated they won’t listen to him. Or a Holocaust flashback, as I mentioned in a previous post. It’s a weird show.

    3. Kakegurui had a lot of great twisted face and was more of a western than anything else. A mysterious stranger blows into town and starts destroying the local power structure for her own inscrutable ends. If there’s one non-obvious thing to it, it’s that it also drinks of the defeat-means-friendship shonen well where many of the gambling opponents that Yumeko takes down early on become better people for the experience and turn into her allies.

    4. Knights’ and Magic had a lot of issues in that things are too easy for the main character and that character development is reserved for secondary and supporting characters, but it did deliver on its premise of fun mech battles. And if Ernesti (the main character) doesn’t grow and change a lot, he is at least distinct in personality and behavior from many other male leads, eschewing awkward harem shenanigans in favor of good-natured (and slightly disturbing) obsession with his beloved giant robots. I’m happy I watched the series all the way through.

    5. For Made in Abyss, I thought the finale was emotionally moving as we got to see Nanachi’s terrible story in full. I am going to disagree with some of the comments Dustin makes in Bakacast #342 about Riko being shown as incompetent or making obvious mistakes. Of of the things I like about Made in Abyss is that Riko is generally pretty on the ball and sensible. Her problem is that the Abyss is so incredibly dangerous that even small mistakes or a moment’s inattention can lead to disaster. More, these mistakes usually happen when Riko has reason to think she has a handle on the situation and knows what’s up, which is when most people make mistakes.

    6. New Game!! may have been the most improved sequel of the season. Where the first season was a slightly bland comedy series about cute moe women working at a game company, the second season actually struggled with real workplace issues in the creative field. Like how as an artist the people you most admire can also be your competitors, and that can feel really weird. Or how difficult it can be to make a transition to a leadership role over your co-workers. Or struggling with the feeling that you don’t deserve the opportunities you’ve gotten and a very real realization that you were hired because people liked you more than because you had the best skills. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the show is still a comedy series about cute moe women at work, but at least this season it occasionally had things it wanted to talk about.

    7. You chewed over Owaimonogatari pretty well, so I’ll just mention I went and read some novel spoilers for the later monogatari book set when Kiyomi Araragi is 25 years old and working as a policeman. I hope they animate that one someday. Seems like it could be weird-yet-fun to see where these characters ended up.

    8. My feeling is that the Princess Principal finale stumbled because it felt constrained to both do a dramatic ‘everything blows up’ conclusion but also to reset everything at the end to preserve the status quo so they could do a second season. Everything has changed… but not really! I also felt like it chickened out with the Princess’s character being against the coup even before she knew it was doomed to fail. If you say, “I intend to become Queen” but you’re not willing to eliminate the people between you and the throne, you never really meant it.

    9. Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul – Sigh. I think you’re just going to have to entitle the episode where you review the finale, “Learning to Love Fantasy Hitler”.

    10. Sakura Quest stuck its landing nicely for those still watching. I thought it made a nice distinction between “save the town” and “save the things about the town that are worth saving”.

    11. Symphogear AXZ had as its main villain a fedora-wearing pretty boy who spent the whole season manipulating the women in his organization to make sacrifices so that he could benefit, so it was pretty satisfying seeing him get punched thoroughly not only by the series MC but also by one of the women he thought he was manipulating.

  • Dayriff

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