Figma Heaven ~ Vocaloid Kagami and Co

It really is turning out to be Kagami idol day for me. Kagabobo-whatever-its-name-is (see previous post) ticked me of such that I decided to pose my Lucky Star Figmas. I apologize in advance for all the drivel that may be evident in this post…but would you just look at this lot!

Kagami is seriously pissed at having to dress up as Hatsune Miku (watch the OVA), much to Konata’s delight. Tsukasa records all on her cell, while Miyuki just smiles…

I realise figures are certainly not everyone’s piece of cake. I figure (no pun) “different strokes for different folks”. Some people like One Piece, for example, whereas I do not ^^. However, I fully recommend the GSC Lucky Star Figma set for Lucky Star fans, as they are all pretty awesome. Vocaloid Kagami is especially fun, coming with two faces that are interchangeable with the original two that came with normal Kagami. In the end, each Figma is worth every dollar.

However, I’m at a loss as to what I want next…any ideas?