Galactus Is So Moe

Galacta cover

Confession time: I’m a big fan of American comics. Unfortunately, I don’t get many opportunities to talk about comics around these parts, since they’re—you know—not Japanese. But every so often, something wonderful comes along and merges things I love from the East and the West. In the case of “Galacta: Daughter of Galactus”, those two things are the Eater-of-Worlds and moe anthropomorphism.

Now, some of you who actually know who Galactus is might be saying, “But Stilts, how can he possibly have a daughter?”

To which I would respond, “There is a weird story reason for it that’s a spoiler, but it’s mainly just an excuse to turn Galactus into a cute girl with a miniskirt. Now can I continue with my review? Thanks.”

So, yeah. Galacta is the gentler, prettier half of Galactus. She’s not quite as powerful as her dad, but she’s very conscientious about only eating “exotic” biomass (translation: organisms not native to Earth). Which means the Fantastic Four don’t have to worry about threatening her with the Ultimate Nullifier. The downside of this strict diet is that she is always really really hungry.

Galacta is drooling

She wears glasses AND a choker!

Her situation gets even worse when she finds she’s carrying a parasite in her body that she can’t get out. This leads to a particularly funny moment where she visits the Fantastic Four and…well…you really should just see it for yourself. Here’s a preview though: this book is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Sue Storm with drill hair.

So moe.

As you might have guessed, this story is meant to be fun, not serious, and it succeeds in that goal. The vast majority of the story is communicated through Galacta’s (sometimes overly wordy) narration, so I had a pretty good grasp of her personality and eccentricities by the end. The occasional inserts of Galacta’s Twitter feed (which actually exists) is a neat touch, too, but they tend to be redundant. There are only so many times I can read Galacta explaining how hungry she is before I want to yell, “I get it already!” To be fair, though, her constant hunger does make for some amusing illustrations:

Everything yells "Eat me!"

That continent is adorable.

And speaking of illustrations, the art in this book is amazing. I had never heard of Hector Sevilla before, but I’ll definitely be following his work (and his deviantART gallery) from now on. I especially like how, on occasion, he adds stylistic elements typical of modern manga to the realistic character designs that are popular with Marvel and DC. If you have any interest at all in American comics (or cute girls with cosmic powers), you owe it to yourself to check out “Galacta: Daughter of Galactus”. Especially since one of the last pages of the book has this: