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What If Starships Were Girls?

Many of you are probably familiar with the -tan meme, which delights in portraying various inanimate products such as Windows operating systems as anime-inspired moe girls. These -tan girls have been created for a variety of technology-related items, from popular gaming consoles to mobile suits, and usually come in one of two body types: buxom beauty or luscious loli. Recently, blogger Jonathan Wong posed the question "What if starships were anime characters?", and answered it with four pictures depicting various starship-tan girls based on famous ships from the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. When I saw this, I thought, "Hmm... what a lovely excuse to test out our new lightbox plugin!" Ulterior motives aside, enjoy the images!

First up, we have Enterprise-tan, based on the USS Enterprise design from the new Star Trek film.

Also hailing from Star Trek is Narada-tan, based on Nero's massive mining ship / planet destroying superweapon.

From the Star Wars films comes the iconic Incom T-65 snubfighter, also known as X-Wing-tan.

Next, the X-Wing's eternal nemesis, TIE Fighter-tan.

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to to the power of moe.

--Via Armchairtheorist's Flikr, Jonathan Wong's Blog and TrekMovie

About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
  • I call dibs on TIE-tan, by the way. 😉

  • Narada-tan is mine. I’ll be her whipping boy, anytime 😛

  • Ryoko: TIE is mien, I’ve decided.

    I always wanted to ride a TIE fighter 83

  • You’re far, far too late.

    I’ve already won TIE’s heart. She laughs at your futile attempt to win her affections, then drags me to her room…

  • Yuuki

    i think x-wing-tan is cute.

  • Yuuki

    (corset short skirts ftw)

  • lordpatIII

    no death star tan

    • Death Star-tan added. Better late than never?

  • Unsectoid_from_planet_Spore

    No takers on Enterprise-tan? Good thing she’s my first choice. Her outfit is adorable too. Here’s to hoping that she grows up to become the “Grey Lady” she is destined to become.

    @lordpatIII Think about that for a second…what self-respecting girl would like to be a large, rotund sphere of doom?

  • J

    i call dibs on x wing tan

  • X-Wing-Tan is pretty dang adorable.
    I wonder what a Y-Wing-Tan would look like?

    • J

      back off… i already called dibs lol

  • Habz

    Am I the only one who thinks these outfits look insanely uncomfortable? XD

  • Derpdude

    OH GOD

  • Hah

    you are both weird, and creepy equally. congrats.

    • Kei

      Why thank you. ^_^

  • Oghmios

    what no Millennium Falcon-tan, or bird of prey-tan

  • Fmsgngrstntdbl

    These are the only starships you could convert? What about the ship from Serena? Or the ships from the world of Riddick? You have to expand your starship vocabulary if you expect any sci-fi and anime fan to appreciate this effort. You really should add more ships, maybe then I’d be impressed and feel better about the future of Anime-scifi crossovers.

  • Corbyn

    i do believe everyone here would enjoy watching Strike Witches…

    • Kei

      Ugh, I couldn’t stand Strike Witches. Such a waste of a good concept. T_T

  • Moocow89

    What, no TARDIS?

    • Kei

      Tardis-tan sounds EPIC, and a bit perverted. She’s bigger on the inside…

  • Anus

    lol. so stupid

  • Kei

    I didn’t draw these. The original artist, Armchairtheorist, is linked at the bottom of the article.

  • Sillybear25

    What, no Serenity-tan? She’s a good ship, Firefly class.

  • Sumluv92

    what about firefly’s serenity? and the battle star galactica?

  • I wonder how they cpuld walk normally? Especially the last one

    • They are starships. They fly.

  • Gelmani9999

    Lawl, the Death Stars beam comes from her vag.

  • Anonymous

    I like X-Wing-tan.

  • no one

    Oh god…what the hell.

  • Dokuro

    you should do the mass effect ship the Normandy

  • so cute i love the star war anime girls its a pritty impresive posts.

  • Ads

    fake and gay

  • Aiden Henderson

    Dibs on death star tan

  • They all look so cute!

  • HelloKitty

    The death star would never look like such a pussy.

  • Lawrl L

    for the last picture (I call her Empire-tan), who drew this? can I get a site link (maybe pixiv?)

  • guest

    That no weapon of mass destruction, that moe of mass destruction

  • FayloneWolf

    Yo i love the pics and the ones at world of anime.
    Anime fans should check it out. Here’s the link and if u join up say Fay the loneWolf told u.  the loneWolf                                 

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  • Masuda

    Why girls?

  • LilMissMeta

    Deathstar-tan is adorable

  • Corezerker

    Do the normandy from Mass Effect!

  • Grey Otaku

    OMG! 😀 !! “That’s no moon! That’s ADORABLE!” ROFL!!!! And it’s even funnier because it’s TRUE!!! 😀

  • Rebel Ace

    X-Wing Tan can set her s-foils to love postion for me anyday!

  • Samantha

    OMG TIE-tan <3 <3 <3