Review: K-ON!! 13

Let me say this now: the one real reason I started watching K-ON! at all was because everyone kept talking about it on Twitter. So I thought, “Hey! I wanna look cool, too! I should watch it!”  However, the second season has been a bit of a disappointment. It doesn’t feel like any major plot developments have come along in a while, and that’s reflected in this episode. K-ON!! 13 is doesn’t deviate much from the standard formula we’ve seen thus far.  There are a few different elements shown, but ultimately it’s just eye candy for the fans. I enjoyed it somewhat, but that was mainly because of Azusa in her swimsuit. But let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

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We start off seeing Azusa attempting to ask the other Houkago Tea Time girls how their summer has been going. Turns out the rest of the group is studying at the library, excluding Mugi who has taken a trip to Finland. Therefore, Azusa decides that she’ll just have fun by herself. Seeing Azusa without the other girls is one thing I did enjoy about this episode. Had they thrown in the rest of the group, they would’ve been rehashing the same territory covered by previous episodes.

Azusa often has crazy dreams throughout the episode, mainly about one of the other girls: Mugi wins the lottery, Mio watches a horror movie, etc. Ui also makes a big appearance as well, hanging out with Azusa throughout the day. The two decide to head on over to the jazz band club–which their other friend, Jun, is in–and give them some delectable snacks. However, nobody is there and they wind up eating the snacks by themselves.

They then go to see a movie, but since they arrive early they decide to go kill some time. Ui suggests trying to be a lottery assistant, blah blah blah… If there’s one thing I really didn’t like about this, it’s that it drags on and on for me. It’s not even fan service, they’re just wasting time on some trivial events.

Anyhoo, during this job, they find Mugi had returned from Finland and wishes to try the lottery. Azusa realizes that there’s only 2 prizes left: a tissue pack, or–get this —another trip to Finland! The irony must just baffle you. Mugi doesn’t win this huge prize… but then Azusa finds this was another dream of hers she had during the movie. A few days later Azusa, Ui, and Jun (who seems to be interested in joining the light music club) are all planning on going swimming. Azusa’s tan lines make it difficult for her to walk around in her swimsuit… even so, I’m pretty sure anyone can agree that she still looks adorable in it.

At the top of the giant water slide, they find Ritsu offering a plate of yakisoba, as well as the rest of the girls sliding down, attempting to eat as they slide. This obviously turns out to be another dream. Confused yet? On the walk home after the film, the girls run into all the other members of HTT, and they all head over to a summer festival. After some eating and a few silly antics, they decide to watch the fireworks. They lose the group in the crowd while watching the fireworks, and head home. On the way, Jun decides that if no one joins the light music club next year, she’ll join for Azusa’s sake. The end of the episode shows Yui getting food poisoning! (No, really…)

This episode of K-ON!! contributed somewhat to the main plot, but not that much. It had a bit more substance than other episodes, but was rather tedious regardless. Still, if you’d like to see an Azusa-centric episode, it’s enjoyable enough. As simple slice-of-life fare, it’s worth watching. I hope, however, that future K-ON!! episodes offer a little more than simple eye candy. Rarely in K-ON!! do you see any real progression in the main story nor any type of character development, and it can get rather annoying. But that’s just silly ol’ Konata talking… right?