Review: Seitokai Yakuindomo 2

Real men aren't afraid to cry.

From my last review, you can clearly see that I’m trying my best to give Seitokai Yakuindomo a chance. However, the second episode did little to improve my opinion of this show. That’s not to say it was a complete flop; there were some ups, and by that I mean “a few funny jokes.” Sadly, these jokes aren’t funny enough to make up for a complete lack of plot, unbelievably boring characters and humor that’s starting to wear thin. But without further ado, lets get to the review.

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We apologize for the low quality of this fanservice.

The plot… dear God, the plot; do I even need to bother? This episode didn’t have a plot so much as a random sequence of entirely unrelated events. A new character–Mitsuba Mutsumi–asks Takatoshi to help create a sumo club. The Council meets it’s so-called supervisor, Yokoshima Naruko. Everybody tries to clean out a dirty classroom. Blah blah blah. Like the first episode, this show is just a random series of gags strung together in the loosest possible fashion. This is horrid. There’s literally nothing but various unfunny jokes being tossed about. You think after the reception of the first episode, they’d attempt to mix things up a little. But no…. it’s the exact same thing. At least in the first episode, we got a few character introductions, albeit to characters that are more shallow than a kiddy pool.

Well, lets just get the positives out of the way considering there aren’t many. The jokes–believe it or not–are less entertaining than before. Sure, there were a few funny ones that made me chuckle, but most of them fell flat. Still, they’re good for someone who hasn’t been exposed to sexual jokes. On the Internet. As in, the place where perverted jokes are amuck on every tiny nookin’ corner of it. Why not throw in some humor that is–dare I say–fresh instead of cliche? Or some interesting character development? Or–God forbid–an actual plot?

Another sexual joke? Sure! It won't hurt, right?

Now, lets get to the part of the review everybody likes: The Rant. What’s wrong with this episode? How about what’s RIGHT with this episode? I was taking it easy on the first because it was just a basic introduction… but a bad second episode is inexcusable. The show should be shifting into high gear at this point, or at least be introducing some interesting new plotlines or characters. You see two new trivial and uninteresting characters. That’s it. They’re as bland as you’d expect. The jokes were exactly the same fare as last time, which–as I stated in the first review–will run thin very quickly if they keep this up.  It’s a shame they haven’t tried to conjure up any new ideas, rather then just tossing a bunch of sex jokes that jaded viewers will be devastatingly bored by.

Ultimately, this episode was a big letdown. I gave this show a chance to try and impress me, but alas; it was not meant to be so. The characters are bland, the plot is almost nonexistent, and the jokes are really starting to get down to the last wire at an unbelievably quick pace. But still, I somehow have the urge to keep watching. That’s either me being ridiculously nice or attempting to commit suicide without knowing it.