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K-ON! Manga Ends in September

Could the K-ON! manga be coming to an end? This story just went live on ANN.

A footnote on the bottom of kakifly's K-ON! manga in the September issue of Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara magazine lists the next installment as the final one. The September issue officially ships on Monday.

Now, don't start panicking just yet. This only means that K-ON! will no longer be serialized in Manga Time Kiara. It's entirely possible that kakifly could continue the manga in another serial magazine. On the other hand, this could mean that the next chapter will indeed be the final one, and the series will end with the girl's graduation from high school. This theory is further supported by the K-ON!! anime, which will finish airing in late September. Perhaps the manga and anime will end simultaneously, like Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Personally, I think it's about time for K-ON! to take its last bow. It's been a fun ride, but the show has become somewhat creatively bankrupt and repetitive as of late. But don't despair, moe fans! Kyoto Animation's next project, Nichijou, is already in the works.

[Via ANN]

A panel from the Nichijou manga.

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  • In my opinion, this show needs to end soon. I don't know how many tea time breaks I can witness again.

  • Yes, it has been a great fun watching K-ON and it'll be good to see it ends when people still enjoy watching it instead of when people are starting to get bored of it. If the girls graduate from high school, I can't foresee how the story will continue?

  • harvestnine

    Alas, all great things must come to an end. However, it's better to end it on a high note than let it stagnate and fade away. As mentioned, things were starting to get repetitive; much better to part on solemn grounds than with hostilities.

  • When I read this, my heart stopped.

    I just pray, if they DO end it, that they give them a proper send off.

  • Galenthegamer

    Yeah, I think K-On should end. They've pushed it too far.

  • From what I can tell, Nichijou doesn't come out until 2011. What is Kyoani planning to do between now and then?

  • Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope Nichijou will be awesome 😀

  • As do I. That said, I've wanted plenty of Kyo-ani stuff to be awesome and it wasn't.

  • Though I'm Sad K-On! is ending, I think its run its course and made its mark. A good time to end, the fans are satisfied and its not being milked into a third season, which never ends well.