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Love Hina Manga Returns!

The story that inspired a generation!

Nine years after finishing Love Hina, Ken Akamatsu has decided to publish a small one-shot of the romantic comedy manga in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. The one-shot will include six colour pages featuring Keitarō and Naru, however any details beyond that are sparse. This will also coincide with the 300th chapter of Negima!, another of Ken's works.

If you are anything like me, then you too are now reveling in acute feelings of nostalgia. Savour them, and try not to feel old. Although Love Hina started back in 1998, I was first given it to read in 2005 whilst undergoing my first year of university. Up until then, I was completely ignorant and skeptical of manga in general, not to mention anime. To say that Love Hina turned my world upside down would be an understatement, as from that point on I was 100% addicted. So that's where it all began for me, and as such the manga occupies a very special place in my memories.

But enough with the history lesson! What is your opinion of Love Hina? Have you too got a soft spot for it? Or have you moved on completely in your life and couldn't care less?

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  • I read Love Hina a few years ago. While I thought it was a really good romantic comedy (with the exception of the last few volumes), I didn’t find it particularly exceptional. Ergo, I guess my attitude towards this is apathetic. That said, it will be interesting to see how Ken Akamatsu’s art style has evolved over the years.

  • This was the first manga I actually read (well part read). Probably around the same time as you actually, I was given a thick book with what I can only describe as “tasters” of various manga; like a small “try before you buy” anthology. This is the only one I remember from the book as there were about twenty different stories in it. I never got to finish the series as back then trying to get a hold of manga in my town was practically like drawing blood from a stone, it still is that way actually.

    I must see if I still have that book lying around =/

  • Nagato

    I first read Love Hina just a couple of years after it ended, which would be almost seven years ago at this point. For all its flaws, it was a very enjoyable read and it piqued my interest in manga. It’ll be very nostalgic seeing new material, and I won’t promise not to cry.

  • Love Hina was the first anime I saw, knowing it to be anime. For that reason I too have a soft spot (even if I couldn’t stand to rewatch it now) and have been slowly reading through the manga as I buy the books second-hand. I wish I’d started collecting it before it stopped being published…

    I do love it so.

  • Rudy

    I find Ken Akamatsu’s creation as well as his storytelling delightful! Love Hina is very special to me. I’m glad to hear there’s still more to the characters. I hope it really does well and I too will be looking out for it! Thanks!

  • *high five*

    • OtakuEmperor27

      Why cant you rewatch it? Because of the animation?

  • Oh hey I started reading this manga in 2005 as well XD I was in grade 7 if I recall correctly :3 Lova Hina was my first romance manga I had ever read at the time. It also happened to be the first ecchi manga I had ever seen XD I guess from that, in the same year I progressively started reading heaps of ecchi manga. If that’s good or bad, I’ll let you decide 😛

  • :3 Good for you!

  • Spaz1253

    i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love hina

  • like you i read it late, and still suffer from a feeling of loss that its over lol!

  • Mark544

    I loved the characters in Love Hina, I loved them so much I was jealous that my real-life friends weren’t more like the Love Hina characters. So simple and yet so craving for having a good time. Now as much as I loved the characters and it felt good just seeing them talk on paper, I thought that the story dragged on for way, way too long and was very repetitive and sometimes a little too silly. So the whole series in itself to me is good, but far from perfect, but if I condensed all the moments that actually make the story move on into 3 or 4 volumes instead of 14, it could be one of my favorite manga of this genre, easily.

  • This is one of the few Animes that was actually shorter then the Orginal Manga. Which makes the manga better since it tells The Whole story.