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Manga Caption Contest: Kyon Punches Haruhi

There were so many good entries last week that it was hard to pick a winner. In the end, I decided to cop out and call a tie between Starlogic and Milktea, who both wrote hilarious captions. Congratulations!

This weeks manga page comes from an infamous Haruhi doujin, in which Haruhi FINALLY gets what's coming for her years of antisocial behavior. But what are the events leading up to Kyon's knockout punch? That's for you to decide, dear readers! Using the numbers provided in the manga excerpt above, write your own funny, perverted or just plain silly dialogue to fit the scene, and post it in the comments below. Naturally, please keep it PG-13 and Safe For Work. The winner will be announced one week from today, just like last time. Good luck!

About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
  • I remember this H-doujin! Read this awhile ago.

  • Mugi

    1- P-please Haruhi-chan! Please don’t make me do that!
    2- Kyon-kun m-must be waiting for me at his bedroom! >///< 3- You slut! 4- Today's my chance! I won't spare you! 5- Huh!? What is she doing with my personal slave!? 6- YES! Today I will live my dream! I will sleep with you! 7- We're gonna have fun! Let's do it! 8- Kyon-kun! H-help.....

  • 1) Nyuu~ When you said “Want some Sole” *sniffle*
    2) I thought you meant the fish!!!
    3) Don’t be silly… BE MORE MOE MIKIRU!
    4) In this situation MOE is an important concept to keep in mind!
    5) *sigh* not again >.>
    6) Just look at your face; I feel like groping you already!
    7) Hey. . . maybe Kyon-kun would like to be in on the action?
    8) FAL-KYON PUNCH!!!

  • Totally ignoring bubble sizes:

    1: No, you must s-spare her life!
    2: P-please, Haruhi snap out of it!

    3: QUIET! You cretinous humans will bow down to your lord and god.
    4: I, Agrajag, will finally bring you humans what you deserve!
    5: I knew this day would come… I must intervene.

    6: AH! More fodder!
    7: This girls body has served me well in collecting you curious selection of humans. I shall make you my slaves!

    8: Kyon! P-please do something! We discovered why Haruhi is so powerful and I tried to take her to the future with me… b-but…

  • “FAL-KYON PUNCH” is the greatest pun EVER.

  • *throws a party for myself* Cngrats Milktea!

  • Excellent Guide reference ^^

  • you’re allowed to come up with one for this aswell, y’know :3

  • Snicketbar

    OK I guess i’ll give this a try.

    5. WTF?
    4. Take off that stupid hat!
    3. NOW!
    2. H-Haruhi, p-please stop.
    1.This was given to me by someone very special to me.
    8. Kyon.
    7. HA! Calling out to him at a time like this.
    6.That’s so cute.

  • 1. H-Haruhi! P-Please stop… I-I didn’t do anything wrong… >.<
    2. I-I’ll do anything for you! Serve more tea, wear more embarrassing clothes, have an org- *gets interrupted due to stepping*
    3. You said something, Mikuru? Because all I can think of now is you NAKED. You should give me a lap dance!
    4. Hmm… Or maybe Kyon would want a lap dance.
    5. *sighs* Haruhi… Why do you always drag me in these situations? Seriously.
    6. Oh yeah. Did you said something about an orgy? If so, then let’s do it with Kyon!
    7. I bet it’s hard as stale bread left for months. <3 You know... Kyon and his...
    8. H-Huh?… What do you mean?… *sniff*

    *punches, Kyon style!*

  • 1: “Ow, Suzumiya, please,”
    2: “It hurts…”
    3: “I can assure you-
    4: “I mean you no harm.”
    5: “Who are you?”
    6: (first bubble) “who?”
    6: (second bubble) “Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask.”
    7: “Of course you can, I’m not questioning your powers of observation, I’m merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is.”
    8: “Oh, right.”

  • Actually it’s not a reference to anything… I don’t know what you’re talking about. Glad you like it though. :3

    • Agrajag from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio series. I feel like a fool now XD

      • Ah yes, that one WAS a reference :3

  • Vic

    Whoa, that’s one intense doujin XD

  • Qz

    (no at this rate, she will became mm and haruhi will became ss)

  • sea

    1. urgh my head feels better now
    2. okay thats the spot
    3. you see
    4. my foot massaging will help headaches.
    5. (wtf)
    6. oh hey there!
    7. you wanna foot-head massage too?
    8. its great