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Bakacast Briefs – Chupacabra Attack!

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On this episode of Bakacast Briefs, we take an trip to Bizarro World, where the only show that manages to impress us is Highschool of the Dead. Of course, it doesn't impress for any good reasons, but still. Weird, huh?

Anyway, in addition to the reviews, we briefly discuss a minor controversy concerning an ad for an Arizona sushi bar and answer some very strange Twitter questions from our faithful listeners.

The shows we talk about, as usual, are:

  • Highschool of the Dead #8 (sadly, the infamous supersonic boob scene video was taken down off YouTube)
  • Occult Academy #8
  • K-ON!! #21

[Music used in this episode is "S U P E R S C A R Y" by The Kiffness.]

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows... the more outrageous the plot, the better!
  • Hehe, I just realized I forgot to stick the word “Briefs” on the album art. Oh well. ^_^;

  • What I thought of the Supersonic Boob Scene? Plain ridiculous. Retarded. Unnecessary. *Facepalm X2* Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. *Banging head on desk*

    PLUS: How the hell does she dodge bullets? How does she move her breasts at supersonic speeds? Why the hell is Takashi shooting her? WHY THE F*CK IS TAKASHI USING REI’S BREAST AS A TRIPOD?! THIS SHOW HAS NO F*CKING SHAME!!!!!!

    Good action scene though…

  • I couldn’t even wait to finish listening to the podcast to comment on this. That infamous “bullet time” scene was playing on my iPad & a glitch made that whole scene (bullet through crotch to bullet ‘tween tits) loop 4 or 5 times. I honestly thought that scene broke my reality. As for the rest of that episode…. I won’t repeat myself. (ido-plot) There’s also this beautiful meme going through the thread in MAL where there’s a pick of Takashi going “why can’t I hold these shells?!”

  • If HotD was to win an award I would have to be “Most Creative(?) Use of Bullet-Time” for sure. What made me enjoy this episode was about 10mins in where I saw a scenary shoot of an underpass; looked just like one from Clannad: After Story (in fact I would go as far to say it was from C:AS). Yes, I was paying more attention to the backdrops, kinda speaks volumes.

  • Who can blame you? The scenery is more interesting than the flat cardboard characters.

  • VXLbeast

    Sweet, you answered my question! Thanks much guys, I got more. 🙂