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Happy Birthday Minori Chihara

A very happy birthday to my voice.

The staff of Project Haruhi wishes Ms. Minori Chihara a very happy birthday and many more to come.

Although primarily known as Yuki's voice, Minori has have a very prolific musical career as well. I've posted several of her songs, but this is one that I haven't shared with you yet. This selection is called "Shijin no Tabi" ("Travels of the Poet"). Listen for yourself below the break!

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  • ???

    “Sweet Oblivion” sans instruments at the end of Disappearance was brilliant in terms of context and execution. I kind of wish there was one with just a piano accompaniment because the actual version’s too “pop” for my tastes, as I find quite a bit of her music to be. Actually if she’d do an “unplugged” style album with the same selection of instruments as Regina Spektor (light percussion, bass, piano), I’d pay good money for that.But who am I to judge? Here’s to a successful career!

  • That’s a rather pleasant song to listen to :3

  • Isn’t her birthday the 18th?

    • Too many November birthdays.
      You’re correct… So we are fashionably early (for once).

  • Vic

    You know I was really surprised (back when I was a haruhist noob) when I found out Yuki’s voice actress had such a great voice. Kudos to the talented Minori Chihara. =D