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On this belated episode of Bakacast, Jon, Larry and I take a quick diversion to share our thoughts on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For those of you hoping to avoid diabetes, don't worry; we'll balance out the sugary sweetness next week when we tackle giant, transforming robots with a penchant for violence.

With our equestrian evaluation complete, we gallop on to our normal stuff (except for Zakuro, which was skipped because Glen was absent). Then we hit the Twitter questions, which, as usual, takes a turn for the bizarre. Will our listeners ever get sick of asking us about hentai and eroge?

Probably not.

We cover:

  • My Little Pony #1 & 2
  • OreImo #10
  • Panty & Stocking #10
  • Samurai Girls #9
  • Iron Man #10
  • Squid Girl #9
  • Star Driver #10

While you wait for the podcast to download, why not check out My Little Pony for yourself? You can find the pilot on YouTube in four parts.

Or check out Jon's gender-swapped image of me, which actually gets mentioned on the podcast. See? I told you Twitter questions get weird.

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Kei

    Oh dear. Linking to my old crappy art from days yonder? You make me blush, Dusty.

  • My Life As A Teenage Robot was a good show. Nice art and style. It’s actually too bad it wasn’t marketable.

    I really enjoyed the “artsy” middle part of P&S. It really reminded me animation of from the 90s when animators were experimenting with techniques and perspectives. Although, this was probably Gainax just being weird.
    Entertaining golf movie? Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, uh… Kevin Costner was in something, I think.

    Honestly, most eroge games out there are trashy, but like Dusty was saying a lot of the mechanics underlying the “gameplay” of these dating sims and what the creators are using as the carrot-on-the-stick is really innovative because not all of them are the same in how it’s outlined. Love Plus for the DS; it’s HUGE with the otaku crowd in Japan. I have it myself, it’s really Tamagatchi replaced with a school girl in place of a puppy. It’s not that “fun”, but it completely opens up a new venture for those who take into maintaining a digital girlfriend.

    Speaking of Ever17, Chunsoft just had a game published by Aksys games called “999” for the DS.
    Reviews are already calling it a champion of story driven games. I played it myself and I love it. I haven’t played Ever17, but I can’t find a copy. I know it was officially published in the U.S….
    I’ll tell you this, if you’re at all interested in checking out an absolutely solid VN, Kira☆Kira by Overdrive.
    The story isn’t anything epic. Another coming of age tale, but it is SO well-written. It made me cry. Itty bitty matty tears…
    Mr Tubbs are Japanator reviewed and summed up the game perfectly:

    Oh, I’m a nasty boy, but I really trying to come up with half-interesting/revealing questions, and those were the only ones that came to mind. To answer my own question (btw, I meant “jiggy” like “gettin’ jiggy wit it” 😉 I would say High School of the Dead I would star in a TMA production. The show would be watchable then, right?!

    • Kei

      $33 for a visual novel? Is Kira☆Kira REALLY that good?

      *reads Japantor review*

      So it’s like K-ON!, only… not horrible?

      • I guess so…(I like the first season of K-On…).
        You can try the trail version from the adult side of the site that is the original version to see if it tickles your fancy:
        (NSFW link)

        and 33 clams for a VN (from MangaGamer, at least) is actually pretty cheap. In fact, last week they cut prices of some of their titles because people were complaining about the cost being too high.

    • Oh, and I would LOVE to direct a few films or series based from a handful of doujins that has absolutely interesting stories or settings. If you read the doujins of Yotsuba called “Pretty Neighbor”, that is what I like to see on Skinemax or whatnot. Not just for the wank material, but for the creative (overstatement) plot. Giving adult entertainment some creative merit as opposed to raunchy parodies.
      Of course, copyrights, so no dice.

  • ???

    Yeah there’s no way Star Driver is going to be only 13 episodes

    • Kei

      I vote we take the budget from episodes 14-25 of Star Driver, and give it to Gainax for more PSG instead.

  • That’s Dustin? I saw just a girl, thank you.

    • Kei

      That’s why it’s called genderswapping. 😛

  • I have to admit ‘My Little Pony’ was a welcome change from this season’s anime… For openers it was in English and understandable. I’ll admit I watched P&S before and Squid Girl after so yes it was a welcome change…. Now for this Transformers series, well you’ll have to wait for the pod cast to get my opinions…

  • I just want to say how much I love the people who post our Twitter questions and how sadfaced I am that I missed this podcast because they couldn’t wait 20 more minutes for my alarm to go off.

    [/passive aggressive]

  • Anonymous

    I am really sad about Iron Man since Madhouse did such good work with Hulk Vs. Maybe they do just need good writers or at least better animators. Hulk Vs. doesn’t really have that good of a plot, it is just a fun thing to watch.

    On the sports discussion, any sport anime can be enjoyable when it has good writers. I don’t care for boxing and base ball, but Hajime no ippo and Big Windup are two really good shows that don’t require you to care about baseball. Though the theme with any sports show is that it never actually follows the real rules of the sport.

  • I don’t feel as bad for watching what I watch now. Thanks, Dustin!

  • From now on guys, check if you wanna see how many episodes a series is gonna be. They’re pretty accurate. In my experience mecha is generally a slow burn, especially the longer a show is supposed to air. That said I’m glad you guys didn’t drop Star Driver early on. Had a good laugh at the Iron Man segment when it started with not “how did you enjoy the show”, but “how bad was it?” Makes me feel a little better that I ignored that show after the first episode and picked up Otome Youkai Zakuro later.

    By the way, no judging on the eroge. You’d be surprised how many people have read “Bondage Fairies.” *ahem* Not me, of course. Good podcast guys.

  • Electro

    you guys made me a brony. Thanks