A Special New Year’s Message from Kuroko

Dear Mikoto,

How have you been? Hope you enjoyed your holidays and such. I surely have…not. Judgement duty has been dull lately; just cleaning up from the New Year’s festivities and snow removal. It’s rather boring when I’m not working with you.

I know we’ve been roommates for awhile, and you’ve had to put up with my antics; and to be honest, you had every right to be angry. From dressing you in costumes and maid outfits, to trying to lace your food and drinks with aphrodisiacs, I’ve been quite a bother. However, I know there’s someone else that you have eyes on, and I’ve decided to let you have your space. But I still feel I have to tell you this: I love you, and I’m not going to give up on you.

You’re a very good friend, Mikoto. Whether it be helping with investigations, risking your life for my friends or saving me from my demise, you’re always there for me. I appreciate that. It’s these traits that make me love you so. But…they also kindle other, nastier feelings.

I envy you, Mikoto. I mean, you’re one of the elite, a Level Five. That’s something special. And being close friends with you makes me jealous. I want to be on top, on the same tier as you. For once, I want to save the day… to save YOU. At least then you could see me as an equal and not an odd, pervy stalker. But I think my love runs deeper than those selfish feelings. It’s an all-consuming passion, greater than any foul emotion that might try to interfere. My love for you is total, unconditional and ultimate.

I understand that you and Touma are in some kind of relationship. No matter how far you two have gone, know that I’m happy for you, Mikoto. You two seem like a lovely couple. But I won’t stop chasing after your heart. True love never surrenders.

Happy New Year, Mikoto. My New Year’s resolution is to be nicer to you, and I hope you’ll do the same for me. When I mean “nicer” I don’t mean “doing perverted things to fulfill my sex fantasies.” Instead I’ll focus on the simple things, like making you breakfast, saying good morning, and so on. Maybe you’ll think something’s wrong, that I’m acting strange. Eventually, you’ll forget about this letter, and treat me like pervert Kuroko. But I still won’t stop loving you. I never will.

Shirai Kuroko (白井黒子)

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