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Would You Like To Become a Magical Girl?

Inspired by a thread on 4chan.

Hello, otaku. My name is Kyubey! I sense that you have the potential to become a magical girl. Won't you make a contract with me? I'll grant you any one wish. Accept, and you will become a magical girl regardless of your gender or age. You can't wish for more wishes or anything in bad faith like that.

Of course you'll have to fight witches too. How about it, do we have a deal?

Seriously, you won't regret it! If you're willing to take the plunge, tell me your wish in the comments below!

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  • steele

    I need a reply

  • desperated

    I wish im a girl

  • vanloris

    can I please become a magical girl ive wanted to be one for as long as I can renember

  • magical emi

    please kyubey can I be a magical girl?

  • magical emi

    kyubey please awnser me!

  • Spider pig

    I wish I was a 15 year old girl with c cup breasts and a perfect figure

  • Magical Girl Cades


  • Tiffany Kelsey

    I wish to be a redheaded woman with immortality, beauty and youth that cannot be taken away.

  • Kylo Ren

    I want to shapeshifting into whatever I want whenever I want.

  • chase helms

    I wish for a gender switch

  • Doug

    I wish I was a beautiful woman with big breasts and butt

  • Daniel Rawson

    I wish that I was immortal… And a girl.

  • Daniel Rawson

    I wish that I would become a girl who is also immortal.

    • Daniel Rawson

      Kyubey? You sleeping? Or something like that?

      • Daniel Rawson

        Hello? I want to be a magical girl… I do accept all known risks involved and your contract….

      • Daniel Rawson

        If you need to know how I would want to look… Here:

      • Daniel Rawson

        I drew that myself….

      • Daniel Rawson

        Kyubey? I need an answer… Preferably now. If you do not answer me, let us say this: I can assume that you are sleeping Or something like that….

  • Rose Sakura

    I wish to change anything I want, when ever, where ever, as much as I want. And nothing can stop me! Muwahaha!!! ( I put a lot of though to this. Don’t bring me down, good alien!)

  • Doug

    I wish to have the power to change my appearance once im a girl, control over how big my boobs are, Butt are, the color of my skin, eyes,control over just how my body looks in general

    • Oxy Gass

      I have what he’s having

  • Tyler hall

    To turn into a a 18year old girl

  • TheDimondCreeper TDC

    I wish I can pull ANY idem real or not out of no where but it can’t be a wish related idem

  • Oxy Gass

    Omg kyubey you granted this guy? And you can see this profiles with the same face can be the same dude trying to make random wishes

  • Marc

    Will I have to sell my soul

  • Arianna Strength

    I want to be magical

  • Joe

    I wish to become a beautiful sexy woman and everyone remembers me that way

  • Frida

    Sure I’ll make a contract

  • Mario Gomez

    I wish I was a 14 year old beautiful girl with a smart mind

  • EpicGamer#12

    I wish for you to transform me into a sexy woman.

  • Mario Gomez

    I wish I was girl with orange eyes and long curly gray hair and was 14 years old

  • Oxy Gass

    I wish I to be a gender change magical girl that I can help people remove curses and remove my curse that other people try to curse me when I have fire bending powers.

  • hkfdac

    I would wish to always be happy, with the power to spread happiness and take away depression forever. That would be my wish.

  • Shiro

    I accept my wish is to find true love but please give me a scythe weapon I’m really good with those

  • Nya

    I wish for any time or future powers.

  • Rogers

    I wish that I had the power of wishing.

  • Dani

    I wish to be a magical girl with the power of destruction.

  • Dani

    * I wish I could have intelligence

  • Oxy Gass

    I wish I can weld a blade fast as I can cut a bullet and a vehicle

  • skarletzombiekiller 99

    i wish that I had lighting powers

  • Jreem

    I would like to become a magical girl with the power to shapeshift

  • Ryan Billings

    I wish that I have healing powers, so that anyone who is hurt will automatically be healed, but I can determine if they will be healed. That is my wish

  • Jaymon 64

    Is it Perminet if you wish for it to be 10 minuets of being a lady

  • julius

    i wish i became a women that would be remebered forever

  • PsychoooOtaku

    Change Of Plans. I Wish….I Was In Japan And A Really Badass Magical Girl Like kyoko With A Cool Costume And spear And That I was Albino *-* I ALSO Wanna Controll Fire, Ice, And Lightning. And Get Really AWSOME Anime/Manga Drawing Abilities!

  • Julius

    I wish I became a girl that was remembered

  • Eddie

    I wish I had the ability to grant my own wishes!!

  • jarrett

    I wish 2 become a cute girl

  • jarrett

    And I want everyone 2 remember me as one

  • Mackenzie

    I wanna be a true girl

  • TheDimondCreeper TDC

    I wish to be able to sommon any video game wepon/healing
    Better make it fighting related scene I have to fight witches

  • Malo

    I wish to have an androgynous figure and fight using my kindle that has transformed into a magical guitar that can control a giant orchestra.