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Would You Like To Become a Magical Girl?

Inspired by a thread on 4chan.

Hello, otaku. My name is Kyubey! I sense that you have the potential to become a magical girl. Won't you make a contract with me? I'll grant you any one wish. Accept, and you will become a magical girl regardless of your gender or age. You can't wish for more wishes or anything in bad faith like that.

Of course you'll have to fight witches too. How about it, do we have a deal?

Seriously, you won't regret it! If you're willing to take the plunge, tell me your wish in the comments below!

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  • Joshua Krause

    I wish I had the power of psychic power

  • Joshua Krause

    Will I still be able to walk around and talk to people

  • Joshua Krause

    If so I guess I took the bait

  • Joshua Krause

    At least let me have black hair that grows 1 foot every 6 months

  • Joshua Krause

    Forget about the two other wishes and do this wish I wish that when I do become a magic girl that everybody will remember me as just that girl not who I am right now

  • Joshua Krause

    I think your losing because I made a wish and I haven’t became a girl yet

  • Joshua Krause

    I think it I fake

  • Joshua Krause

    I’m not turned into a girl and I made a wish so u must be lieing

  • Trendy Brendy

    hey kyubey i want to become a magical girl and my wish is to protect everyone

    • Trendy Brendy

      BTW im a girl

  • Trendy Brendy

    hey kyubey i want to be a magical girl,and my wish is to protect everyone!

  • Trendy Brendy

    and i want to look like my profile picture


    Can I wish to become a magical girl?

  • EpicGamer#12

    I wish for you to transform me into a sexy woman now please.

  • power

    I wish to become a girl but everone thought I was a girl from birth

  • power

    Also I accept the contract

  • EpicGamer#12

    I wish to transform into a woman

  • John Crumbaker

    I wish to be a magical girl!

  • Bob

    I wish I was the hottest girl in the world 😂

  • Bob

    It will never work

  • Oxy Gass

    I wish I was a curvy magical girl with the best sharpshooter pistols

  • Kacie Parker

    Ok, I will bite. I wish to be a living large breasted sexy female rubber sex doll bimbo.
    If you really can do this then I will sign any thing and do anything.

  • zach duncan

    I wish to be able to change into a Dragon…. itll help me fight

  • skarletzombiekiller 99

    I wish I was a magical girl with some epic gun skills

  • Phoebe Ann Esque

    Hi, I accept your contract, my wish is to be able to transport into any anime and no one will notice I’m missing and I can always come back to my world, all I need to do this is say the name of the anime and snap my fingers. I’ll always adapt to the anime and can be gone as long as I want to. No one will notice I’m missing and my grades in school won’t drop when I’m gone.) Can my magical girl outfit look like the one in the picture please? Thank you Kyubey!

  • Alex Taylor

    Yes accept the contact to became a magic girl

  • Elle

    I wish to always make people smile and laugh happily

  • Christina Amulet

    I wish I was a girl

  • jon

    Could I make a wish to tranform into an inanimate object and keep all of my sense while I am that object

  • Matthew Florio

    I do, Kyubey! it has always been my dream to be a magical princess with a team of princesses behind her, out to save the world from unspeakably horrifying creatures! It has been my dream ever since I started watching anime!

  • Nicholas Chayce Hill

    You got yourself a deal

  • GuyWhoWishesForMagic

    Fighting witches sounds badass and I want to be a magical girl. So I’m kinda ok with it. My wish would be to have everybody see me as I normally look and give me a bit more respect. My witch weapon would be a shield that switches to a strong gun and has a built in phone. But I hope my memories will stay with me.

  • GuyWhoWishesForMagic
  • Oxy Gass

    I want to accept the contract for honor

  • Oxy Gass

    Kyubey I believe!!!

  • Karsen Moore

    I wish to be a girl with cute blue eyes big breasts, a cute voice with long blond hair (will my wardrobe have girl clothes) (when will i become a girl?)

  • Kyoko_Kirschtein

    …I wish, I could vanish all evil souls.
    without a problem

  • Kyoko_Kirschtein

    this probably wont work..,