Project Haruhi

Would You Like To Become a Magical Girl?

Inspired by a thread on 4chan.

Hello, otaku. My name is Kyubey! I sense that you have the potential to become a magical girl. Won't you make a contract with me? I'll grant you any one wish. Accept, and you will become a magical girl regardless of your gender or age. You can't wish for more wishes or anything in bad faith like that.

Of course you'll have to fight witches too. How about it, do we have a deal?

Seriously, you won't regret it! If you're willing to take the plunge, tell me your wish in the comments below!

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  • Connor Hollett

    my wish is I have a girlfriend

  • catotaku

    I wish to be a neko

  • Bretton John Palen

    I wish I was born a girl

  • Aaron Chen

    just joking i want to still be a boy

  • Lukas Silva

    i wish i was a female for a month and to everyone it was normal and everything of mine changed except my hobbies and pets and such

  • evrules5

    What time do you turn into the girl, because I don’t want the change to happen instantly.

  • Kawaii Moon

    I wish to destroy all hate and sadness in this world. To make hate into love. sadness into happiness. Kyubey grant my wish. I need to save a friend right now.

  • Daniel

    Can you turn me into a hot girl?

  • Ethan Young

    I wish to have ice and fire powers

  • kai

    I wish for the ability to shoot ice out of my hands

  • panties

    to be a super hot girl

  • Trist

    I wish to be a beautiful skinny girl

  • rage

    I wish that i have all the perks of being Jehovah, the omnipotent Christian god! Lol

  • Bob

    I wish to be able to shapeshift lol hi

  • cameron

    Hi my wish is to become a shapeshifter

  • Jaron Lochary

    I wish to be kind, generous, and brave.

  • vulcan

    I will regret this but i’ll give it a try i wish that i could conjur any amount of money at will

  • horselover

    I wish to have a another kitten.

  • jim jam

    Can’t hurt to see if this works. I wish to be able to create anything I want out of thin air

  • Will

    I wish i was a 16 year old girl

  • hatsune miku

    I would love to be one I don’t care what happens it looks fun ;D

  • hatsune miku

    my wish would be to have (its secret so I want to tell kyubey in secret)

  • hatsune miku

    I know he’s evil but it for a wish that’s so cool I wish for 10,000 wish’s
    1. that I could sing like the real hatsune miku be able to control people and their feelings
    3. to teleport
    4. to live in Tokyo
    5. to fly without wings
    6. to control fire ,water ,air and dirt
    7. to have j.t.k as my boyfriend( ask me in private if you want to know)
    8. to speak Japanese
    9. to have a pet wolf ( who lived for ever and never died )
    10. to live for ever and chose when I die
    11. to change the length and colour of my hair at will
    12. to have friends
    13. to have a purse that had 100$ when ever I opened it
    14. to never have knots in mah hair
    15.control animals mind
    16. to be Sachiko’s older sister and kill evil people
    17. to be really fast
    18. to wake up when ever I want
    19. to change in to any animal form be really pretty
    thank you.

  • Summer

    I wish to create or do anything I want

  • Bacon

    I’ll accept

  • Caitlyn Alexanderia Quibell

    hi kyubey i would love to become a magical girl my wish is for my favorite male character sasuke from naruto to be real

  • Caitlyn Alexanderia Quibell

    i wish to have sasuke from naruto appear in front of me and be half vampire i will be a magical girl

  • Pie Pie

    I want to be able to shapeshift