Project Haruhi

Would You Like To Become a Magical Girl?

Inspired by a thread on 4chan.

Hello, otaku. My name is Kyubey! I sense that you have the potential to become a magical girl. Won't you make a contract with me? I'll grant you any one wish. Accept, and you will become a magical girl regardless of your gender or age. You can't wish for more wishes or anything in bad faith like that.

Of course you'll have to fight witches too. How about it, do we have a deal?

Seriously, you won't regret it! If you're willing to take the plunge, tell me your wish in the comments below!

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  • Ruben

    I wish to have complete and total control of energy in every way (including non existent/realistic forms).

  • Saron

    I wish I had magical girl best friends to help me fight

  • Otaku

    I wish to have the power to shape shift and control anything about my body

  • Alan A.

    I accept your contract and I wish to be a girl with CC size breasts, long hair, my height to be “5 4′ a big butt, and a cute face.

  • Lizzie

    I could become a magical girl besides I would trade this wish for my life!

    • Lizzie

      I’m also 10 years old!

    • Lizzie

      Also I wish for no magical girls to fight each other ever again!

  • amy

    is this real??? I wish my 2 best friends are never fighting :D

  • amy

    I hate my profile -_- pic

  • amy

    kybey…… I thinks she’s cute :3

  • Lol

    I wish to become an immortal shapeshifter


    Turn me into a shape shifter

  • Meschak

    I wish to be a cute and sexy girl

  • Greyson

    I would like to do it

  • Grey0926

    I wish I could have as much money as I want

  • Kaitlin Rudolph

    I wish to understand what animals say! Am I chosen?

  • Mysterious

    I wish to be transformed into a beautiful girl

  • aidan


  • michael allen meyers

    I wish to become a girl

  • michael allen meyers

    I wish to be a girl

  • michael allen meyers

    I always wanted to be a girl

  • Harmony

    I wish I would have forever luck

  • Loo

    I wish I was hot 18 teen girl

  • Hii

    I wish I was a 18 teen year old hot girl

  • Featherwright

    I want every single power and to know how to control them :)
    I’ve been wanting this for as long as I can remeber.

    • Featherwright

      Please reply wants my wish is granted! :)

  • Dave

    i wish i had a cupcake that never ended

  • Saron Temesgen

    I wish I could read people’s minds.

  • hagagu

    I wish I could change from boy to girl at will and girl to boy

  • Guest

    My name is Michael. I have always wanted to know how life feels in a girls body. So my wish is to wake up in a girls body before 2015. Please make me a beautiful, sexy, 16year old girl with long, slowly curling brown hair. Thank you.

  • Matthew garnhart

    To become a girl

  • Michael

    I am Michael. Please make me wake up as a beautiful, sexy, 20 year old girl on the night of either December 27, 2014 or December 28, 2014. I am a boy right now, but have always felt like I needed to be a girl. Please give me long, slowly curly brown hair. I don’t care if you just change me in my current family or make me swap bodies with a super hot babe who is 20 years old, rich, beautiful, sexy, and extremely attractive. Please do this as soon as possible. If this works, I will tell all of my friends(or friends of the woman that I swap with). Please make me body swap as soon as possible. I believe and need you. Please. I am desperate. And by the way, I have no email, but I’m sure that the sexy hot babe I will body swap with will.

  • Michael

    Michael here. In case you need a last name for the wish, my full name is Michael Thrash. I am the Michael who wanted to be the 20 year old sexy hot woman.

  • TARa

    I wish for my girlfriend to still like me when I am a magical girl, oh and I want ice powers

  • KellyTheRocket Grunt

    I wish to be able to relive my childhood with the memories I have now.

  • KellyTheRocket Grunt

    oh if you cant do that then I wish I had a little sister who was ten years old had the same hair color as me silver eyes was left handed, is a girl gamer, and tells me everything. oh and she is named Saya.

  • Dude

    I wish to be able to shapeshift at will. Back and forth between any form of my choosing.

  • Leslie

    I wish I had long hair all the way to my butt
    Wait I can cut it every time I want too

  • Leslie

    I wish I had long hair all the way to my back
    Wait I can cut it any time I want to

  • Leslie

    I wish I had male and female friends and had long hair

  • magic4ever

    i wish for me and my friend marhia to become nekos in 3 weeks

  • NICHOLAS Delafuente

    To be a girls

  • Usman

    I wish to have all the features of a girl