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That's right, I finally put a Star Driver reference in the episode title. It only took me 17 episodes.

Anyway, Jon had to sit this one out and Larry was sick, so it falls on Glen, Thomas and me to pick apart the absurdities in Gosick, gush about Level E, try and figure out what the heck Fractale is trying to do, speculate on how one becomes a female pretty boy, and declare our undying love for Sheryl Nome.

Also, Ranka's spirit of ambition inspires Glen to "sing" at the end of the podcast. Enjoy the results.

We cover:

  • Madoka Magica #4
  • Gosick #4
  • Level E #4
  • Fractale #3
  • Wandering Son #3
  • Star Driver #17
  • Macross Frontier #3 & 4

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Kei

    Glen’s singing has been declared a biological weapon of mass destruction under the Geneva Conventions, and is now illegal in all signatory nations.

  • Anonamoose

    I’m sorry that you have vocal cords Glen. Truly truly sorry.

  • Were people expecting me to sing that seriously, or…?

    • Kei

      Music is serious business. If you don’t have a heart of passion, you’ll never understand the power of song!

  • Ryu

    I sympathise with Jon’s point of view in regards to Fractale, and this is mainly because of the audio cues that they play when the boss-man gets on a roll (upbeat, bouncy orchestral stuff) as well as the display of the idyllic pastoral scenes and the “wisened old man” character who really seems like a mouthpiece for the author when we meet the List Millenium. Of course, this could just be irony on the director’s part.

    • Kei

      Fractale has some of the most thematically inappropriate BGM I’ve ever heard.

  • I was kind of interested into Madoka Migica for its anti-magical girl genre, but the first episode turned me off and since then I haven’t been watching the show up until now. One thing I didn’t like was the art style, it looked kinda silly, especially the class rooms made out of glass and tampons with mustache. The transitions between the scenes were confusing for me, although someone said they were just fine. But most of all, the characters were bland and cliche. I know the first episode introduced the characters in without giving much explanation, but I think that is because these characters are nothing we haven’t seen before. Madoka is a kind hearted girl who is willing to sacrifice herself, and Homura is a typical silent girl who doesn’t show her emotion very often (just like Nagato and Rei). This kind of stereotypes are fine if it was some kind of comedy or slice-of-life anime. I’m sure they are going to add some twists to them but at least I wasn’t attracted to the characters when I saw the episode.

    But enough of my rambling. I just want to know if it gets any better and if it shows new side of the characters later on. Even after listening to the pod cast, I am not convinced enough to spend my free time watching the show. So tell me other than what the past two pod casts have told.

  • Guest

    Hey, someone pointed this out to me. Remember, in Star Driver, when the fish girl was leaving the island, there was a bus scene before she went on the boat? The other three girls on the bus with her were the other maidens!!! EPIC FORESHADOWING!!