Bakacast – The Super Dimension Podcast

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For this week’s episode of Bakacast, we bring in Scott from Otaku in Review as a guest host to help us lament how stupid Funimation is to prosecute BitTorrent users. Oh, and I guess we talk about some anime, too. Prepare for Madoka speculation, more rants about Gosick, an in-depth look at how Level E sure got sexy, and the Star Driver Love Party™. Also, we begin our semi-retro-review of Macross Frontier.

We cover:

  • Madoka Magica #3
  • Yumekui Merry #3 (dropped)
  • Gosick #3
  • Level E #3
  • Fractale #2
  • Wandering Son #2
  • Star Driver #16
  • Macross Frontier #1 & 2

See you next deculture!