Review: Shiki 01

Gastly used Mean Look!

First of all I should probably say ‘Hello again’ and ‘Sorry’, since I’ve not posted since Christmas and even then only to wish the season’s greeting. I apologise to all you fans of me out there (none of you, I suspect) and hope you enjoy this, my comeback review!

The few of you that know me may realise that the imagery present in the trailer for Shiki immediately appealed to my tastes, and unless I watched at least some of it my brain would fall out. Luckily for me, the first episode aired a few days ago and I managed to watch it. What I had been expecting was an anime packed with wonder and the Higurashi-style creepiness I love. What I had not been expecting was a documentary on a stuck-up schoolgirl and her over-inflated ego. Granted, the creepy was still there in small portions, but not nearly enough for my fix.

You can read my first impressions in full after the usual jump.

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Hugh Jackman Eats Sushi… Again

Fuji TV, hearing about Hugh Jackman’s love of sushi, decided to take him on a tour of Tsukiji’s famous sushi restaurants. Sound familiar? That’s because NTV did the same thing a few days ago. Hugh was polite and friendly as always.

Of course, these little Tsukiji trips give hope to Hugh’s thousands of fans; they now realize that if they work hard, stay in school, star in an international blockbuster, and are voted People’s Sexiest Man Alive, then they too can get free sushi.

–Via Japan Probe