“Hikikomori” Added To Oxford Dictionary of English

I'm nice and safe all alone in my room...

Oh boy, the new Oxford Dictionary of English is out! You know what that means… it’s time for bloggers like me to pad out their slow news days by overanalyzing any new pop culture terms Oxford added. Let’s see, this edition’s new words include staycation, vuvuzela, bromance, hikikomori…

Wait, hikikomori? Seriously?

hikikomori (hi·ki·ko·mo·ri)
Pronunciation: /hiˌkēkəˈmôri/
noun (plural same)
(in Japan) the abnormal avoidance of social contact, typically by adolescent males
a person who avoids social contact

Origin: Japanese, literally ‘staying indoors, (social) withdrawal’

Wow. I guess the hikki phenomenon is so famous that even Oxford had to take notice. Their definition is surprisingly accurate too. Color me impressed, Oxford. And here I thought your dictionary was woefully ignorant of pop culture trends. I wonder what they have to say about other anime-related terms…

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Bakacast 6 – Robots in Hell

That’s right, it’s the episode everyone I have been waiting for… we finally review Casshern Sins. But because even we can’t fill up an hour with Casshern discussion, we also review Venus Wars and tackle some important issues with the help of special guest Chris (aka Kagami on Project Haruhi): manga aggregationabsurd Haruhi DVD pricesthe “loli bill”, Japan’s search for new creative talent and—of course—beards.

Truly, we are the pinnacle of moe- and beard-related content. And if my script for a new slice-of-life show about lumberjacks gets green-lit, we may finally get to combine our passions!

As always, you can download the episode directly, follow our RSS feed or subscribe to us through iTunes. Head on over to our forums to discuss this episode in detail!

The music at the end is “ROBOTS” by Dan Mangan and is available for digital download on Amazon.

Ask Ritsu’s Voice Actress Your Questions

Have you ever dreamed of Ritsu saying Ripley’s classic “nuke them from orbit” line?

No? Just me?

Oh, well, in any case, if you do have something you’d like Satomi Sato to say or a question to ask her, head over to Danny Choo’s website. Choo will interview her for the debut of his new show, “Culture:Japan,” and is taking phrase-requests, questions and fanart from his audience.

Take note: the show airs on June 12, but he’ll film it on June 3. So don’t be like our favorite absentminded drummer and wait until the last minute.

Bakacast is now on iTunes!

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Many thanks to Dustin for hassling with all that RSS and XML crap. I award him twenty moe points!

Bakacast Episode 2 – Beating Like a Disco

Click here for the direct download or subscribe to the RSS feed.

On this episode of Bakacast, we go from super-serious to super-goofy in the span of one LOST episode. First, we use this article on the Akihabara killer as a springboard to talk about…well…a lot of stuff. Then, we discuss Blu-Ray sales going up and what that might mean for our anime collections. Plus, the ASOS Brigade is back with a new voice actress for Haruhi. Finally, we wrap the show up with our finalized impressions on the Silent Mobius movies and a review of the Dirty Pair TV series. Be sure to watch the clean OP that Jon/Ryoko uploaded. It’s disco-riffic and perfectly encapsulates the style of the show.

Maaya Sakamoto celebrates fifteen years of entertaining

Sakamoto Maaya

Singer, songwriter, voice actress; those words all describe Maaya Sakamoto. She is celebrating her fifteenth year in the business with a new thirty-song greatest hits CD and several concert performances. She can now add a new word to her description; veteran. Approaching her 30th birthday in March she’s spent half her life in the business. In my book that makes you a veteran.

Best wishes from the staff of Project Haruhi on this momentous accomplishment and continued success.

The Greatest Hits CD.

Japan Airlines files for bankruptcy

JAL Bankruptcy

Itsuo Inouye / AP

After citing debts of approximately 2.3 trillion yen (@ 25 Billion U.S.D.). J.A.L. Asia’s largest airline filed for the Japanese version of a U.S. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Tuesday morning J.S.T.(Japan Standard Time). Job cuts of more than 15,700 and discontinuation of 30 unprofitable routes are part of the deal struck with the Japanese government as part of the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corp of Japan (ETIC) take over of the company.

J.A.L.’s market value is reportedly less than the cost of a Boeing 747 ($150 Million U.S.D.) it’s reported that the shareholders will be wiped out and that lenders will forgive about 730 billion yen in debt.

This is the third time in the past ten years that the Japanese government has bailed out J.A.L however this time the current board is required to resign and the E.T.I.C. plans to take the company to profitability by 2013.

In this economic environment, I wish them well…

JAL’s Statement of Intent

MSNBC coverage

The Guardian UK coverage

Sons of Legends Announce 2010 Schedule

For those of you who haven’t read my bio. I am a dyed in the wool airplane nut. Although this is an anime site it’s a slow news day so I’ve decided to share my passion with you.

Air show teams come and go but one remains vital. The Sons of Legends, Franklin / Younkin Airshows have put out their 2010 Airshow schedule. It can be found on their web sites which I’ll link below. Right now here is a sample of what you’ll see if you get the chance to attend one.

Also can anyone name the music used in the Franklin’s Flying Circus & Airshow 2010 preview?

Franklin’s Flying Circus & Airshow
Younkin Airshows

The Top Ten Legendary Seiyuus

To be defined by the Japanese as one of the most popular ‘Classic’ Seiyuus of all time is quite an achievement. Oricon, a company that provides statistics and information, recently conducted a poll asking the Japanese public their opinions on the top ten ‘Classic Seiyuus’, or voice actors whom they consider to be legendary. Guess who made it into the top ten?

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The Teaching Power of Moe

Are you a native Japanese speaker who:

    • Is over 18 years old,
    • Has never had a girlfriend,
    • Wishes to gain entry into the legendary Tokyo University,
    • Has so far failed to gain entry into the legendary Tokyo University,
    • (optional) Made a promise to a cute girl from your childhood that someday you would get married at Tokyo U?

      If so then look no further then your local game shop for a copy of the new DS game “Moe-Sta Moeru Todai Eigo Jyuku”, and you may be one step closer to fulfilling a few of those dreams!

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