Working!! Second Season Announced!

I don’t know about you, but April 1st always makes me twitchy. It is all too successful at drawing innocent yet naive otaku out of their shells, giving them a taste of the oh-so-sweet candy, only to fall over laughing as the aforementioned sweet explodes in the poor victims face. In this case, for me, the “candy” was news of a second season of Working!! (a.k.a Wagnaria!!), a delicious series that took me by surprise with its charm. Although I first believed it to be a prank, according to ANN the news is actually legitimate! Confirmation was posted on the official website today with a trailer.

(Edit: Subbed version available! Turn on closed captioning)

In case you didn’t know, Working!! is completely centered around a family restaurant, staffed by hyperactive and funny high schoolers. While there is plenty of moe to be had, somehow there is very little blobbery, making it a very enjoyable series to watch. Also on the good news front; the first season will be released onto Blu-ray on August 24. Now that the hype around April Fools has subsided for another year, I can really focus on looking forward to watching this series, and less about being pranked. What about you?

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