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Y'know, as the end of each anime season rolls around, I grow a little wistful. While editing this podcast, I reflected on the many happy memories this season has brought me, mainly in the form of Bunny Drop. It's certainly appropriate that a show so steeped in mono no aware would bring a tear to my eye at the prospect of its passing.

Anyway, on this episode of Bakacast, we bid a fond farewell to Steins;Gate and Bunny Drop, as well as a not-so-fond farewell to No. 6. Dusty tells us about his latest gaming experience, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and I shamelessly plug Game of Thrones and the Rebuild of Evangelion films. We also all have a good laugh at the total stupidity of Hot Topic's shameful attempts at cosplay.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 00:12 - OP: Game of Thrones Main Theme


What We've Been Doing

  • 9:00 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • 12:30 - Game of Thrones
  • 15:25 - Rebuild of Evangelion

Reviews et al.

  • 18:00 - Hanasaku Iroha 24
  • 21:51 - Steins:Gate 24 (END)
  • 27:57 - Ikoku Meuru no Croisee 11
  • 30:54 - Bunny Drop 11 (END)
  • 32:55 - No. 6 11 (END)
  • 38:03 - Dantalian no Shoka 10
  • 44:19 - Mawaru Penguindrum 10
  • 49:24 - My Little Pony 23-24
  • 57:27 - Listener Questions
  • 1:18:18 - ED: Fly Me to the Moon - 2007 Mix (Evangelion 1.0 OST)


About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
  • Jon

    Podcast drinking game: Take a shot every time on of us says “uh” or “um.”

  • I actually played a Yoko Kanno song at a recital a few times. This is one of them, a beautiful guitar piece:
    My mentor may have a recording of one of my performances, but (sadly?) I haven’t played in public in years. Back in 2001 there were a handful of anime fans on the net who tabbed anime guitar pieces, and so I made a few of Bebop (I originally planned to tab all of Azumanga). Some have survived here, under my ANGSTY alias, “DeadPrez”:

    If/when I go back to college I’m going to grab a bunch of kids and play some of the good $#*^! My goal is to play a full set of the jazz tunes from Bebop (not a whole orchestra, maybe a quartet), and a set of tunes from Habane Renmei. Although, to be honest, I would have loved to have become a dancer, like these girls: It just wasn’t in the cards ;_;

    Bastardized?! How can you say that! He’s making the EWOKS BLINK, for crying out load…  Can’t you see he’s trying to tie everything together so it all connects?! Ewoks. Blinking. COME ON, people!

  • Ryu

    a show steeped in what???

  • Naxav

    Please do continue using this layout on the podcasts index.

  • Ryu

    Do you use chopsticks when eating cheesits dustin??????????????

  • Redcrimson

    Sailor Moon with a neck tattoo… oh Hot Topic…

  • Ryu

    This is anecdotal but doesn’t the anime industry not believe in/use supply and demand? I recall reading somewhere  that they’d figure out how much they needed to sell to a given demographic to make a profit and then mark up accordingly, which is why you get blu-rays with two episodes on them for like 100$ in the Japanese market, as well as apparently causing localisation to be an uphill battle in the west due to the asking price for distribution rights.  I remember something else about it being a shrinking market due to the constant pandering to the core group of consumers, and a failure to change policy even in the face of recession. Could be wrong though!

    In the same line of thought, (you may have already answered this) do you think anime, in general, could stand to be more mainstream?

  • Nimue

    Hey Dustin for the book thing try goodreads it’s awesome.   Ok so just wondering, do ya’ll ever watching any American TV or music?  

  • Scamp

    I have a request for the next podcast: I want to hear some of these fan musical renditions of yours.

    • I don’t have access to any decent recording gear anymore, so the quality will be horrendous. I won’t be able to prepare something in time for next week, but I’ll shoot for the week after. If all else fails, I’ll make Dustin sing ‘Aimo’ like he promised yet never did.

  • John Crichton

    Hey!!1 I asked a question two episodes ago, and still no answer!!! 
    what gives Dustin??
    The Pompadour Always wins. check the comments close to the bottom. and could you talk about the TV tropes page on the podcast? 

     John Crichton

    • Anonymous

      Doh! You’re right. In fact, yours isn’t the only one I missed.

      I’ll get to it on the next episode, I promise!

    • John Crichton

      Thanks man, it’s alright. Human error or something like that. Shift the blame to Jon or something. 

  • Anonymous

    Soooo… now that a few shows have ended, is Baccano! going to work it’s way into the schedule soon(ish)?

    • Anonymous

      We will be finishing the My Little Pony Season 1 reviews next episode. After that, Baccano finally gets its turn.

  • Ryu

    Dustin what do you think of the new NieR tribute album -echo-?

    imo that’s probably the only good song on there tho