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Jon is once again absent for this episode, which means it's the perfect time for all of us to praise Dantalian no Shoka and finally give it perfect scores. Other than that, it's business as usual, with Hanasku making no sense, Steins;Gate leaving Larry utterly confused, Croisee and Bunny Drop being their cute selves, and No. 6 constantly being heavy-handed and dumb. Also, Penguindrum finally takes our advice and gives us an episode that's entirely free of Ringo.

Thank God.

Finally, after our listener questions, I blatantly rip off War Rocket Ajax and introduce a very special segment called "Big Ups to All My Haters," where I preform a dramatic reading of the comment of someone who got very mad about my final Highschool of the Dead review that is over a year old.

We cover:

  • 4:20 - Hanasaku Iroha 23
  • 10:34 - Steins;Gate 23
  • 17:29 - Ikoku Meiru no Croisee 10
  • 23:43 - Bunny Drop 10
  • 33:14 - No. 6 10
  • 39:13 - Dantalian no Shoka 9
  • 43:42 - Mawaru Penguindrum 9
  • 50:47 - My Little Pony 21 & 22
  • 1:04:45 - Listener questions
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About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Ryu

    You met Letitia yet Dustin?

  • David Josselyn

    If you re-watch Steins;Gate episode 1, Okarin’s scream can be heard before the original Okarin in the beta world line finds Kurisu’s body, strongly suggesting that even then, in the first episode, it was the Okarin returning from the alpha world line who originally stabbed Kurisu. 

    Even aside from future-Okarin’s suggestion that saving Kurisu wouldn’t work without fooling the original Okarin, it is believable that Kurisu would have died at her father’s hand even if Okarin hadn’t been there at all.

  • What is this piece Outro-Music You are using? It sound like the one of Usagi Drop, but slower. Can I find it on Youtube or somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually a piano version of the intro, which is featured in episode 10. You can find it on Youtube here.

  • Ryu

    Dantalian 9 was so refreshing in its approach and execution I have to wonder if it’s an anime original episode. There’s TWO, count ’em TWO, whole female characters with speaking roles other than Dantalian (one’s even an old lady Matriarch, damn!) who aren’t damsels or nuts! It even passes the Bechdel test! Though I felt the pacing was a little off, it had a decent conclusion, and the apparent short story format doesn’t lend itself to prolonged development.

    You get a gold star Dantalian. Maybe one day you’ll shake the habit.

    • Redcrimson

      I liked the art shift. It was Gainaxy as &%$#. It looks like they started to run low on money at the end of ep 10 though… oh, Gainax.

    • Jon

      I hate the Bechdel test. It’s a grossly oversimplified and overused method of judging media based on superficial criteria. It’s so easy to parrot “X passed the Bechdel test” and “Y failed the Bechdel test” without examining any of the deeper issues or attitudes those media present. In other words, its lazy feminism. 

    • Ryu

      I hope you realise that I was being partially sarcastic in my praise!

  • Anonymous

    The thing that irked me about Over a Barrel (MLP #21) after some time to digest is that they gave the buffalo a pretty weak reason to want the land. I should point out that Karen seems to absolutely love the episodes by Dave Polsky (that and Feeling Pinkie Keen) and might want to seek out some other stuff he’s done.

    Maybe I’ll go dig up this episode of Dantalian as an entry into the series sometime this week.

  • Pokey

    So I was looking around for some good games this past few days, I stumbled onto Disegea 4, I heard some nice things about the Disegea series from my friends so I decided to try it. I found it quite nice as a JRPG. What are your opinions on the Disegea series?

  • Raiphin

    I should have asked this last week, but I was busy making this face ( at Dantalian no Shoka for the first half of episode 8. Why?
    Read this:

    Here is my question: Does knowing the origin of the story make Dantalian more or less clever for using it? I learned about the red paperclip game from co-workers so I thought it was common USA knowledge, but when I checked NicoNico where Dantalian is streaming no one mentioned it, and neither did you guys on Bakacast.
    (pronounced like ray+finn)