Weird Japanese Ads

Japanese television is rife with unusual advertisements for a variety of products. Here are some of the stranger ones from recent months.

First up, we have dancing, singing kiwifruits that want you to eat them.

Want to sell ramen? What better way than with sexy naked ladies, tastefully censored by giant ramen cups?

Sexy idols can also be used to sell health drinks. This ad features a rather unusual special effect…

The lovely ladies haven’t sold you on the ramen? How about a Bollywood-inspired dance number?

International assassin Golgo 13 has teamed up with a voice actor to bring you the LG phone with Google.

Why should you buy a Subaru Impreza? Because the creepy polar bear wants you to, of course!

Finally, Ikea Japan teaches you how to organize your stuff… IN SONG!

–Via Japan Probe and Japanator