Microsoft Creates Official Windows 7 OS-tan

As stated in the previous post, many of you are probably familiar with the OS-tan meme, which delights in portraying Windows operating systems as cute anime girls. Originally from 2chan, this meme has become extremely popular, spawning thousands of pieces of fanart, as well as flash videos, internet communities, manga, doujinshi, and even its own wiki. The Japanese branch of Microsoft has realized the huge marketing potential of this concept, and decided to create an official OS-tan for Windows 7, by the name of Nanami Madobe. This name is, naturally, a pun: “nana” is Japanese for “seven”, and “mado” means “window”. Images of Microsoft marketing featuring Nanami can be found below.


Nanami Madobe will be voiced by prolific seiyuu Nana Mizuki, best known for playing Hinata Hyuga in Naruto. Nanami will be “included” with the Japanese Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, by way of an exclusive wallpaper and event sound set featuring her voice. ANN speculates that she is aimed at the nerdy build-your-own-computer types, but I think otaku of all persuasions will be quick to embrace her, especially if she shows some blue-striped panties. In any case, she’s certainly a better mascot than Mac’s equivalent: the condescending self-important hipster.

–Via ANN