Funimation Virtual Con Panel Video!

Here’s a video of the Funimation Virtual Con Panel (aka FuniCON 1.0), which was held via live streaming video and text chat at 4:00 Central on Thursday. I was in the chat representing Project Haruhi, and Adam actually answered a couple of my questions! He did have some trouble pronouncing Project Haruhi’s name, though (time index 5:19 on the first video). It’s okay, Adam, we forgive you.

He also answered my question about Saboten-Con (6:33), a Phoenix-area convention that myself and a few other PH members will be attending at the end of October. Unfortunately, Funimation won’t have a panel there.

Overall, it was a great experience. My only complaint is they didn’t get to answer as many questions as I would have liked. Although they answered two of mine, many other attendees were upset that there wasn’t time for their questions as well. Hopefully, their next virtual panel will be a bit longer. Other than that, great job Funimation! Keep up the good work!

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