Project Haruhi

We’ve been online three years

April fools day 2007 was the day we decided to go live with this site and in the three years we've been around a lot of things have happened. We've witnessed a second season, movie and Endless Eight. However the future seems pretty dark for this series, yes I know the Second Season is coming over to the U.S. and the Movie will be in English one day as well. As you can see in the past months we've changed the look of this site gearing up for the day when Haruhi might not be popular, there are some who say that day has come, maybe it has, I don't think it has but...

I'm hoping to be here for the long run however long that run might be... Happy third birthday to us. Although coming from myself it might seem a bit self-serving.

Our prayers for a speedy recovery go out to Miss Aya Hirano... You're missed already...
To Miss Christina Vee, one day you'll be Haruhi... Right now the establishment doth calleth the shots...

About Shamisen

Shamisen is the site owner, administrator, and basically the guy responsible for keeping this place running. His interests include aviation and anime. He is perpetually in a strange mood…

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  • Ryu

    Happy birthday Project Haruhi!

  • Ryu

    Happy birthday Project Haruhi!

  • Yes, happy birthday to us.

  • xsirhc

    Yes, happy birthday to us.