Review: K-ON!! 14


From the tone of my last K-ON!! review, you may have thought I despised this show. But it’s quite the contrary; I love K-ON!!. It’s chock full of laugh-out-loud humor and entertaining characters, and this week’s show was a great example of that. After my disappointment from last week’s subpar offering, this episode thoroughly rekindled my love for this series. It was filled with enjoyable humor and charm, and was a sheer delight from beginning to end.

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Yes, the logic is flawless.

The episode begins with Ritsu heading out to go shopping. However, she encounters Mugi along the way, who attempts to scare her (the result is shown in the first screencap).  From this, the viewer can tell this episode will revolve around Mugi and Ritsu–a never-before-seen matchup in either season of K-ON!. This struck me as refreshing, as Mugi rarely has episodes focused on her. Anyway, this episode starts off as your typical slice-of-life fare; it has no real main plot until the halfway mark, when Mugi asks Ritsu something so bizarre it could only come from her…

Anybody else having Fight Club flashbacks?

And the rest of the episode is Mugi literally trying to annoy someone to the point of hitting her. Only Mugi could’ve created such an unpredictable situation.

This episode went smoothly and steadily; I was enjoying it from start to end. The jokes were definitely entertaining, and some literally had me falling out of my seat laughing. The interaction between the characters is great as always, providing a lot of this episode’s comedy. Of course, the match-up with Mugi and Ritsu was a great idea. Not only was it hilarious, but it was also nice to see Mugi get the spotlight for once.

Now, as for the cons… well, there really wasn’t anything I disliked about this episode, to be honest. At least, nothing major… except maybe the new OP and ED. The OP was definitely not that great. Sure, it got the whole cute part right, but it’s a little too repetitive and moves a bit slow. However, the ED was excellent. It was quick, cool, and had some astounding visuals. Oh, and for those of you Azusa fans, she makes a very small appearance in this episode. She pops up for only a few brief seconds, and hardly has any dialogue. But I think after the last episode, this wasn’t a big letdown.

Sorry, Azusa. Maybe next episode?

Ultimately, K-ON!! 14 does an amazing job. It was certainly better than the previous episode; the story is fun, the jokes are laugh-out-loud good, and the plot moves at a great pace. Aside from the new OP, this episode is a surefire hit, especially for die-hard fans. This was the type of K-ON!! episode I’ve been waiting for; lets hope that we see a lot more episodes like this rather than the trivial eye candy we’ve been force-fed for the last few weeks..