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2D vs 3D: Second Round

Much to my surprise and chagrin, 3D was the clear victor of last week's debate. Seriously, what the hell! You people call yourselves true otaku?  Shame on you!

Perhaps you'll come to your senses for this week's debate. Here are the contestants for round two! On the left we have a buxom blue-haired beauty, Shimei Ryomou of Ikkitousen. To the right is the lovely actress and gravure idol Rina Akiyama. May the sexiest woman win!

Cast your vote now!

Which is sexier, 2D Shimei or 3D Rina?

  • The 2D version is obviously superior! (49%, 33 Votes)
  • Sorry, but the 3D version is still sexier. (27%, 18 Votes)
  • They're BOTH sexy! I can't choose! (24%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.

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  • J

    Blue Hair FTW!!!

  • I still blame the butt.

  • I voted 3D again… didn’t like the artwork on 2D, so not really attractive.

    • Bah, you don’t like ANY 2D artwork.

      • I like a lot. Just not what you seems to. O_o

        Also, seeing flaws in something doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

  • AZNFireBurn

    face and bottom of 3D is just.. :
    2D forever =D

  • Much better this time Ritsu.
    This was a close call, but the face of the 3D girl, eh~ I didn’t think she was that pretty.
    The 3D picture looked way too forced, I mean i know, its a cosplay recreation, but still there’s ways to make something look natural, the last poll is a good example. but I just didn’t care for her.
    Voted 2D.

    • Shiroppu

      I know this was posted 4 years ago, but the 3D is the natural and the 2D is the “cosplay.” Many artists use gravure idols as references–just like they did with this one. The 3D came first, not the 2D. 🙂 gg

      Also, the same was done for the first 2D vs 3D competition.

  • Shiroppu

    I feel that being a “true otaku” has nothing to do with your sexual preference. Whether you’re attracted to 2D or 3D if you love anime, you love anime. I live with my boyfriend and I am probably one of the biggest “otaku” in this town.

    One more thing, the 3D girl IS actually much hotter. That’s just a bad picture of her.