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The Juice of Haruhi Suzumiya

It happens: you're thirsty, sweaty and need a drink badly. You run to the fridge, but all your beverages are just so BORING. What do you do?

Hi, Ghost Billy Mays here for Haruhi Lemon Fruit Juice! Haruhi isn't interested in ordinary fruit juices, so why should YOU be? Ditch those dull drinks! Grab a can of Haruhi lemonade instead, and enjoy it's wonderful citrus flavor! It'll blast your taste buds into Haruhi heaven! Excellent for parties, walking on the beach, or just relaxing at the house! On the sweatiest and hottest of summer days, Haruhi lemonade is sure to amaze! Now that's the power of moe!

Check out pics of this product in action below the break!

This breathtaking beverage comes with three can designs: Haruhi Suzumiya, Mikuru Asahina or Yuki Nagato! Pick your favorite moe mistress and enjoy!

Order now for only $5 a can! You'd better act fast though, since supplies are drying up fast in the hot summer sun! This great bargain won't be around forever!

[Via AkibaBlog and Alafista]

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  • AZNFireBurn

    Haruhi Lemonade? That’s absolutely minding blowingly (unsure if that is a word) awesome~! 😀
    If I could I’d buy all three cans ^^

    Btw I see Kud and K-On in some photos xD

  • Densha Otoko

    Those Haruhi Lemonade Juice looks yummy .

    Next we’ll have Mikuru Orange Juice and Yuki Grape Juice too

  • ONLY $5 a can? Yeoowch.

    • $5 a can for HARUHI JUICE. It is totally worth it.

  • How wonderful!
    Haruhi juice for all! 😀

  • Why don’t we have themed juice like this =( I feel discriminated against XD