Project Haruhi

Announcing Project Haruhi’s First Anniversary Contest!

One year ago today, Project Haruhi made the transition from generic Haruhi fansite to anime blog. Since then, we've expanded our focus from just Haruhi to anime in general, especially KyoAni's works such as Lucky Star and K-ON!. However, many visitors to our site still believe us to be merely a Haruhi fansite. Since we have no plans to change our name, how can we let our readers know that we're more than just Haruhi?

The solution is simple: we need a tagline.

Sadly, our staff isn't very good at coming up with clever slogans. That's why we're turning to our loyal readers for help. We'd like for YOU to come up with a short, catchy tagline for us; something that lets visitors know we're a fun, community-oriented anime blog dedicated to all things KyoAni.

Of course, it wouldn't be a contest without a prize. Whoever submits the winning tagline will receive a $50 gift certificate to, to spend on whatever you please! I recommend the Haruhi lemonade, but that's just me.

Here are the contest rules:
1. If you are under 18 years of age, you must receive parental approval before entering this contest.
2. Submit your entry in the comments below. Remember, the tagline must be short, sweet and convey PH's nature efficiently.
3. You may submit up to five taglines to the contest.
4. Entries with profanity or inappropriate content will be automatically disqualified, along with whoever submitted them.
5. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time on July 19th, one week from today. The winner will be announced a few days later.
6. The winner will receive one $50 J-List gift certificate, which can be delivered either electronically or by conventional mail.
7. Obviously, PH staff are forbidden from entering this contest.

Well, there you have it. Good luck!

About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
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  • Project Haruhi: Now with 70% more KyoAni.

  • I’ll submit a few more down the road, but for now:

    Project Haruhi: The Light and Fluffy Anime Site

    • Final entries:

      Sunny Sunny Happy Anime Times

      Adventuring in the World of Anime, Desho? Desho?

      Chocolate Cornets and Other Anime Musings

      After School Tea, Cakes, and Anime

  • The World is Us to Mould

    • 2nd Entry:

      Kyon-kun, Denwa!

      • 3rd Entry:

        Haruhi Projected

  • richi

    Project Haruhi: Haruhiism and more…

  • 2nd Entry:

    Kyon-kun, Denwa!

  • Kamanashi

    Project Haruhi: We’re not interested in ordinary cartoons

  • Kamanashi

    Project Haruhi: We’re not interested in ordinary cartoons

    • I had something like this in mind, but am not allowed to enter… :<

  • BTA

    You know, the opening to Haruhi always stuck with me, so…

    Project Haruhi: We believe in Santa Claus.

    (Also, I think I’ll start reading this blog more often…)

    • Yes, contests do that to a person :3

  • Entry #1:

    “Project Haruhi: Spreading Excitement All Over the World With Kyoto Animation”

  • Lindsay

    1) Project Haruhi: because Haruhi wouldn’t allow this site to exist if the KyoAni coverage didn’t entertain her

    2) Project Haruhi: Your Window to the Animated World of KyoAni and beyond!

    3) Project Haruhi: All of your favorite anime, plus the ones you don’t know yet!

    I realize these are somewhat long entries, so feel free to tweak them (change word order, delete words, etc…) as you see fit. XD For example, changing “KyoAni” in the first entry to simply “anime”, or changing “KyoAni coverage” to “anime topics”.
    Anyhow, thanks!

  • TheNortonAntivirus

    Project Haruhi: Because KyoAni is Awesome

  • TheNortonAntivirus

    Project Haruhi: Because KyoAni is Awesome

  • Project Haruhi: More than just Aliens, Espers and Time Travellers.

    Project Haruhi: A Project beyond animation

    Project Haruhi: ‘H’elping.’A’nime.’R’ise.’U’p.’H’igher.’I’nternationally

    Project Haruhi: A mix of anime, spice and everything nice

    Project Haruhi: The United Site of Animation

    I know rather generic, but it doesn’t hurt to try?

  • Young Richard

    Project Haruhi: Where the Moe is.

  • Young Richard

    Project Haruhi: Where the Moe is.

  • Aww, what. Not allowed to enter? ;;

    But the prize is so good! :<

  • Project Haruhi: Anime’s domain.

  • Kaionlriu

    I would actually suggest changing the very title ” Project Haruhi ” into something more fitting as a title,
    since this site is not all about Suzumiya Haruhi No’ series
    or if you guys really like the word “Haruhi” use it without so much heavy reference to the series.

    –that aside , here is my entry–

    ” watching anime to save the world ” (from boredom?stress?a bad day? or blank etc)

    • Well, Haruhi is and was the main focus for the site, we’ve just moved away from it somewhat since we added the WordPress front end.

      Maybe eventually it’ll get enough popularity as a blog that becoming ANOTHER general animé site would be a worthwhile switch. As is though, it’s quite well fished territory and working to a niche audience is easier and feels more personal to the members, when there are so few.

      Though Shami and Ritsu might have completely different reasoning to what I think– who knows with them.

      • We’ve been Project Haruhi for so long that we’ve built up significant name recognition among the fandom, especially on Twitter. If we changed our name, that would vanish.

      • Yes, that too o-o

  • Entry #2:
    “Project Haruhi: Current updates and information for the Contemporary Otaku”

  • 1. Project Haruhi: Projected past Haruhiism

    2. Project Haruhi: Everything from Moe to Zombie High Schoolers

    3. Project Haruhi, our life long mission, to seek out new anime and new kawaii characters, to boldly watch what no otaku has watched before…

    4. Project Haruhi: I Can’t Believe Its Not Moe!

    5. Project Haruhi: Your Daily Dose of Anime Goodness!

  • Brandi Gonzales

    Project Haruhi: Making Anime Awesome So You Dont Destroy the World

  • Brandi Gonzales

    Project Haruhi: Making Anime Awesome So You Dont Destroy the World

  • Project Haruhi : Let’s rock the World !

  • Project haruhi: The otaku life line

  • Steve

    Project Haruhi: God-like comprehension of the Anime art form.

  • I have a couple of ideas:

    1) Project Haruhi: It’s Classified 😉

    2) Project Haruhi: Where the anime’s at!

    3) Project Haruhi: It’s an adventure, right?

    4) Project Haruhi: Your personal Closed Space of Awesome

    & lastly:

    5) Project Haruhi: Livin’ in an Otaku Paradise

    (yes that was a bad rip of Gangsters Paradise XD)

    • btw the smiley should be a wink face as part of the tagline, I forgot it automatically changes to an emoticon…hurrdurr XD

  • this came to me just now , thought I’d mention it

    Haruhi’s Augmented Reality ; so much more real than life

  • Entry 3:
    “Project Haruhi: Because Sankaku Complex is NSFW”

    Though maybe no the best subtitle. i still thought it was funny…

  • Entry 3:
    “Project Haruhi: Because Sankaku Complex is NSFW”

    Though maybe no the best subtitle. i still thought it was funny…

  • AVBenedetto

    Project Haruhi: Dangerously Moe

  • Entry 4:
    “Project Haruhi: The Life and Times of Anime at its Finest.”

    Entry 5:
    “Project Haruhi: Information on Your Favorite Anime”

    (yayy! out of suggestions!)