Endless Eight: Not So Endless After All

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As previously stated, this week marked the end of the traumatic Endless Eight arc. A belated blessing, but a blessing all the same. Having watched the episode in Japanese (it’s worth mentioning, for the sake of clarity, that I don’t actually KNOW Japanese), here’s what you’ll all have been waiting to finally see:


If you’re bothered by episode spoilers, I suggest not reading beyond this line. Though, doubtless, most of you will be wanting more substantial proof that the arc has, indeed, ended.

The episode began like the last 6 and followed this path right up until the last five minutes, at which point it takes rather a turn for the comical.

Kyon, complete with (awesome) deja vu-fuelled and extremely trippy animation, actually gets up from his chair and shouts at Haruhi to stop… grabbing the attention of everyone in the store.  Haruhi, rather confused, turns around to face Kyon’s sudden outburst, only to be ranted at about homework. Naturally Haruhi wouldn’t like this.

Pulling Itsuki and Mikuru into the stand off, Kyon explains that they all have their homework left to do… but with his outside voice. The result is that Haruhi goes, as xsirhc would say, agro at Kyon for such impertinence and, presumably,  laziness.

After some raging, finger pointing and, undeniably cute, expressions we’re treated to a scene from the next day. This involves The Literature Clubroom, flashbacks to the previous day’s activities and playing cards.

I rather enjoyed this episode, though granted only really the last 5 minutes or so of it. As I said before; A blessing, but a late one. It would have been a nice third episode, but ninth? Thanks but no thanks.

A great end to a rather less great arc.