Endless Eight: Not So Endless After All

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As previously stated, this week marked the end of the traumatic Endless Eight arc. A belated blessing, but a blessing all the same. Having watched the episode in Japanese (it’s worth mentioning, for the sake of clarity, that I don’t actually KNOW Japanese), here’s what you’ll all have been waiting to finally see:


If you’re bothered by episode spoilers, I suggest not reading beyond this line. Though, doubtless, most of you will be wanting more substantial proof that the arc has, indeed, ended. Continue reading

Endless Eight Is Endless… And Probably Eight

Today sees the seventh episode of Haruhi’s second season newest series. It also marks the sixth episode of the Endless Eight arc, with no ending in sight. It seems the rumor that it was going to end with the sixth repetition was, in fact, nothing more than a rumor. The arc is set to continue above and beyond six episodes… the likeliest result being eight. While it has been speculated for some time, many of us have been been hoping otherwise.

Originally discovered via 2chan, confirmed at Random Curiosity.