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WTF? Panty & Stocking Trailer Revealed

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present... the official trailer for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

I'm not sure what I just watched, but I know it was AWESOME. After seeing this trailer, Sheentaku on Twitter described this show as "an adult version of The Powerpuff Girls," an assessment I agree with wholeheartedly. It appears that my earlier prediction was correct; Panty & Stocking is indeed a Gainax-style tribute to the great American cartoons of the 90s. The implications of this are clear. In my humble opinion, this is the must-watch show of the 2010 Fall anime season.

Notice the audio track may not be suitable for the work /open public environment.

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Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
  • Well, I am definitely watching this.
    Just wished someone warned me about the orgasmic sounds during that, cause I had volume up near max.

    • I see your point I’ve added a notice to that effect… Sorry about that, I hope it didn’t cause too much trouble

      • Miss Bipolar

        Haha, nope. My mum gave me a weird look, when I showed her it wasn’t actually porn, she was okay with it! x]

  • What the f*ck was that?! Without the video it sounds like a hyperactive trailer for a Spanish porno. I’m still definitely watching the show though. I can’t wait for October!

  • Whats this, i don’t even…
    Ok, Maybe is the effect of the moaning this vid only had, that will make me want so see that. ^^;

  • The total what was that…where are the powerpuff girls…factor did it for me. Interesting to see what Gainax is going to do with this.

  • What the hell did I just watch? Whatever it was, it was amazing! Also, let me get this straight. So the characters’ names are Panty and Stocking? Why do I get a sudden feeling like this is going to be a bad rip-off of Starkey and Hutch and the Powerpuff Girls?

  • anon

    It’s gainax
    I’m trusting till the end

  • High-octane action trailer with overlying orgasms, yep the show has been sold to me XD. And if GIR wasn’t the inspiration behind that dog then I’m a french-fried frenchman. I’d watch it on that basis alone; I adored Invader Zim ^^

  • Everybody seems to be head over heels for this, but I’m yet to be convinced. An adult version of the powerpuff girls does not interest me in the slightest, as I never liked the powerpuff girls. Woopty. Art style? Confronting, chibi-esque, and harsh. Episode one better be a cracker of a story with heaps of humour, or this series is going to fall flat for me, and fast.

  • Vic

    (random breeze)

  • Fysh

    Oh dear god the carnage this will create, as if the industry wasn’t being hated on by every other country as it is. *Sigh* might as well watch the first ep. It might be as awesome as mitsudomoe

  • I’m going with my initial response, “lolwut.”

    Also, I’m now watching this.

  • I still don’t know what this is, but now I’m even more sure that I’m going to be watching it.

  • VXLbeast

    Some kind of other-wordly mind rape. 0_o I may be the only one walking away from that trailer laughing, but with no intention of even giving the show a chance.