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Need More K-ON! Music? Try These Seiyuu Solos!

With the second season of K-ON!! in the can, many of us are already starved for more peppy after-school music.  Aki Toyosaki, who is the voice artist of the character Yui Hirasawa, has released two singles over the past year, which is old news. However, Minako Kotobuki who plays Tsumugi is releasing a solo of her own. This I find rather surprising. Since I don't think Minako's done a solo, in the series that is, it will be interesting to hear what she sounds like without the other four members of H.T.T.  The links listed below the photos will take you to CD Japan where you can hear forty-five second previews of the songs that Aki and Minako are releasing.

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Love Your Life by Aki Toyosaki

Track listing
1. love your life
2. 何かが空を飛んでくる
3. love your life (Instrumental)
4. 何かが空を飛んでくる (Instrumental)

Price 1238yen

Boku wo Sagashite by Aki Toyosaki

Track listing

2. パティシエール PATISSIERE
3. ソラソラ☆あおぞら SORASORA AOZORA
4. ぼくを探して (Off Vocal) BOKU WO SAGASHITE

Price 1238yen

Shiny+ by Minako Kotobuki

Track listing

1. Shiny+
2. ライラック LILAC
4. Shiny+ (Instrumental)

Price 1238yen

So if the music from K-ON!! moved you. Then you might want to see how the VA's do on their own.

If you still need one final K-ON!! fix there is always the LIVE concert music video.

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