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Bakacast Briefs – May The Quartz Be With You

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Despite the allure of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, I managed to get this podcast out in a somewhat timely fashion. See? Sometimes miracles really do happen.

Anyway, in this episode we skip the news in favor of two extra reviews: Chris and Larry talk about Working!!,and everyone debates the strengths and weaknesses of Broken Blade (or Break Blade, if you want to be a title purist). We keep our griping about Highschool of the Dead to a bare (Haha! Get it?) minimum so we can quickly move on to more interesting things. Like how awesome it would be to live like a Pokemon trainer.

Anime covered in this episode:

  • Working!! (entire series)
  • Broken Blade #1
  • Highschool of the Dead #10
  • Occult Academy #10
  • K-ON!! #22 and #23

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[Music used in this episode is "Broken Machine" by Trace Dragon XVI K.]

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows... the more outrageous the plot, the better!
  • Zonkiethegreat

    HOTD 10 was last week, and I love hearing you guys rip it apart! 😀

    You guys gotta cover the new episode 11 soon! It’s shockingly, much better then what we have seen so far from HOTD.
    I was pretty surprised!

  • I think Jeagle should watch Bakemonogatari or Katanagatari, but probably not Umi Monogatari. And if I had to pick an anime universe to live in I’d have to go with G.I.T.S. S.A.C., I love my technology and there appears to be no better universe for me. But if that doesn’t work out I’d pick the universe of Ladies versus Butlers. At least I’d get laid.

  • If I had to pick an anime universe to live in it would be the Toaru Majutsu No Index universe. They had some very creative esper powers like the vector change; the guy could reverse the flow of your blood! To me that is just badass and sure beats the cliche super strength/speed/whatever. Besides who doesn’t want to flick pennies like Mikoto?

  • Hn, I have to listen to this again at some point. My web page crashed, like half an hour through.
    I probably shall later today.

  • Is there any source for the picture?And is it from any specific anime?

    • Kei

      The picture isn’t from an anime or anything like that; it’s just an original piece by some unknown doujin artist. You can see the whole picture here.

  • you guys forgot to mention the new song they played for Azusa!

    • Kei

      That was in Episode 24. Incidentally, the podcast where we reviewed that just went live.

      • Oh yeah! You are right. I must have mixed up Episode 23 and 24 since I watched them both on the same day on YouTube.