Endless Eight in Twenty Minutes!

The arc may have ended, but the aftershocks continue….

While hardcore fans are most definitely going to buy all of the four Endless Eight DVDs, some people may point out that each DVD contains only two episodes; that each DVD will be retailing for $70 USD apiece; and that overall they say each DVD is a complete and utter waste of money until a box set comes out.

But not us at Project Haruhi! No siree!

No, we here at PH support the official merchandise, yet still believe in catering for both sides of any argument, and for those of you out there who feel scorned by EE and are enlightened enough not to splurge $70 repeatedly for no net gain (you know who you are), then this is the video for you!

And for those who will buy the DVD’s, I salute you, really.

In all seriousness, when a box set of the current season of Haruhi is released I will be in the queue, just like a lot of other people. I just cannot afford, nor justify, paying that much money for four DVD’s, no matter the series.