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I’m Not Sure What to Expect From a K-ON!!! Film

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The final K-ON!! episode announced that a film will be produced. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am somewhat disappointed. Do we really need this?

KyoAni has done it again: they gave us a repetitive and boring second season that didn't live up to the first, just like Haruhi, and then tried to win back our favor with a film announcement. Bah! Why waste our time and money with a subpar TV anime season when KyoAni can give us better material on the big screen? MERCHANDISE is the answer. It's all for one and one-thousand yen for a Mio doll.

Is this the future of anime? Do the studios care about nothing but merchandise and ticket sales? Substance, story and plotline don't matter anymore? I certainly hope not... but given what I've seen lately, it's hard to be optimistic.

I've said on the podcast that K-ON! had all the material to do a third season, provided it focused on the light music club and its new members. Will this film be about Yui and company, or the new band under Azusa's tutelage? Will the girls finally realize their dream of playing at Budokan, or just sit around drinking tea? If this just winds up being more of the same pointless filler we got for much of the second season, they just shouldn't bother making this film at all.

Here's to the K-ON!!! movie. I hope you live up to the hype.

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  • Kei


  • Someone told me this show is about music, but I think they’re full of it.

  • Anonymous

    I was never a fan a K-on, but I don’t understand how they could make a movie of it. To take it into something I like which is kinda similar, if Azumanga got a movie I probably wouldn’t be happy, as it is something that doesn’t have a real plot and an hour or two, or most likely three (We are dealing with KyoAni after all) hour movie would be a horrible idea in my head. I am trying to think of if there has ever been a movie of something similar, though nothing comes to mind. Which is probably a good thing.

  • VXLbeast

    That fan art looks better than the show.

    • Kei

      Sad but true. In KyoAni’s defense, though, there ARE practical limits to what can be done with animation.

      • Well you can’t say which is better or worse. To my eyes the fan art looks a bit disfigured but that is not necessarily true. I’ve seen a worst looking artwork which looks like a child’s drawing but the painting costs millions of dollars.
        But I can understand why you said that. A picture should look better than one frame of animation because it doesn’t move. Each frames of animation lack quality and some of them may look horrible, but they cover their flaws by making an illusion of movements. Off course, adding more details and qualities would simplify its animation. Thats the limitation of animation KyoAni was talking about.

  • I liked K-ON alot but will not be watching the film if I can help it. As for them milking the hell out of it with little-to-no development it’s what the japanese are good at I guess, hell, just take Mario for example or any intellectual property of Nintendo’s >.>

    • Well if it’s not broken don’t fix it. That’s the general idea of Japanese culture I guess. Most of the fans of K-ON series didn’t want the anime to change much because they liked its pace and style and didn’t demand a deep storyline because they wanted to feel relaxed and happy by watching the HTT girls (without letting them feel any stress and think much).
      This is only my speculation, but I think that’s what made them decide to make same kind of episodes with one or two twists. K-ON wasn’t meant to be an exciting show, but it was meant to be a cute show with unique characters (at least I think they are all unique and cute). The anime was perfect for those kind of people, and they hyped up so much about it, but there are so many haters because the fans talks about it like it is the best thing ever. K-ON wasn’t a bad anime because of it. In fact it was pretty good since it has such a strong fan base in Japan and I am one of them.
      Still I don’t see a point of making a movie out of K-ON.

      • In addition, episode 8 and 11 of the 1st season, and episode 3 of 2nd season didn’t please the fan because they were too serious.

  • Dangerman-1973

    I was extremely disappointed that the second season of K-On didn’t get the girls preparing for Budokan, but instead puts them on Lucky Star slice-of-life mode. I was hoping they didn’t forget about the concert they were supposed to perform before graduation.

    The 2nd season didn’t brought the magic and charm that made the first season special. That season changed my life and my perception about anime. I hope the movie covers the concert. If not, I will be extremely ticked.

    • It is possible since HTT girls were accepted by the same university. Although I am not really happy about making a movie out of K-ON because they can create another season of the anime from the money they can get from it. I don’t want K-ON to be prolonged too much because this can lower the overall quality of the series. The second season was good enough in my opinion even though the season didn’t cover the Budokan part. It was funny and cute as usual and some episodes showed the girls in different ways by putting them in different situations. Because I am a fan of K-ON I do not wish them to continue the series any further.

  • Anime industries are now suffering because they only get low profit out of animes they make especially the ones broadcast at late midnight. They aren’t trying to be a greedy bastard, they just have no choice. K-ON may be popular in the web but most people won’t talk about it in public. Unless anime becomes one of the major media in Japan the developers have no choice but to milk out as much profit from fans by selling soundtracks, figures, and drama CDs. We just have to be patient and support anime companies as much as possible if you guys want more animes with quality.

  • I don’t. I can’t even.