Bakacast – For Science!

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In this delayed-by-Thanksgiving episode of Bakacast, Jon gets buried by an avalanche of homework and reluctantly hands hosting duties to me again. As usual, rambling ensues. There’s a reason Jon’s the regular host, and I’m the adorable mascot.

So, despite having no news story or Twitter questions, we still manage to go slightly over an hour. How? Well, mostly by voicing our unanimous frustration with Kirino’s life-counseling, reminding each other of pretty much every joke we thought was funny in Panty & Stocking, wondering why the hell Tony Stark doesn’t have Professor Xavier on speed dial, explaining the premise of my new Half-Life/Squid Girl crossover fanfiction (Gordon x Cindy OTP), and comparing the end of Star Driver to Family Guy.

We cover:

  • OreImo #8
  • Panty & Stocking #8
  • Otome Youkai Zakuro #8
  • Iron Man #8
  • Squid Girl #7
  • Star Driver #8