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Nichijou Episode 0 Trailer Revealed

A PV for Kyoani's newest project Nichijou (Everyday in English) has been released. This trailer is for "Episode 0," an OAD that will be bundled with the sixth volume of the manga which goes on sale in March. A full television series directed by the prolific Tatsuya Ishihara is scheduled for some undisclosed point in the future.

As I suspected earlier, this anime looks a lot like Azumanga Diaoh mixed with Lucky Star. Under Kyoani's tutelage, this odd combination just might prove to be a successful one.

Nichijou's plot sypnopsis:

While the title suggests a story of simple, everyday school life, the content is more the opposite. The setting is a strange school where you may see the principal wrestle a deer or a robot’s arm hide a rollcake. However there are still normal stories, like making a card castle or taking a test you didn’t study for. The art style is cute but mixes with extreme expressions and action sequences for surprising comedy bits.

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  • The image of Pani Poni Dash comes to mind….

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a generic Azumanga Daioh clone, and since it is Kyoani, I don’t really have any hopes for this.

    • Kei

      Says the guy posting on a Kyoani fansite. 😛

      • Anonymous

        I used to look at Kyoani with doughy eyes in my youth, thinking they could do wrong. They gave me two good seasons of Full Metal Panic, and Haruahi, but after that…they just left me hanging. They just kept doing moe show after moe show, and when I finally got my Haruahi second season, 8 episodes were the same. I read The Disappearance of Haruhi novel not too long ago and enjoyed it, so I wonder if the movie will be as good as what I read. Have you seen it?

      • Kei

        Not yet. There was a camrip out a while back, but I’m waiting for the official DVD release.

        As for Kyoani, they’re just going where the money is. Full Metal Panic might have been awesome, but K-ON! was profitable.

      • ???

        It was p. cool.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give it a shot.

  • Ichigo Mashimaro & Azumanga Daioh definitely come to mind when watching this, but can’t say I’m excited. I love my moé as much as the next moé lover, but it is starting to wear on me. But if it is genuinely funny and endearing then I’ll watch. I’m a fair anime fan.

    • VXLbeast

      Although I am not neccesarily a fan of moe for the sake of it, Ichigo Marshimaro was awesome. :] Not claiming it was high art or anything, but I loved it. Plus Nobue is pretty BA.

  • The art is a bit oversimplified even for moe.

    • Kei

      No more so than Lucky Star.

      • VXLbeast

        Dunno, Lucky Star was simple, but this is super simplified. The scene at 18 seconds comes to mind, where the girls shirt is completely missing a bunch of lines. Or, pretty much anytime the cat appears.

  • VXLbeast

    Definitely gonna give this show a try when it comes out. I loved me some Lucky Star.

  • ???

    is Freddy Mercury in this???

    This is important.

  • They all remind me too much of Osaka (Azu Daioh). That character enfuriated me so much >.<' If it makes me laugh i'll watch it but judging by this it's going to feel like rasping my knuckles against a potato peeler if it isn't.