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Second Hokago no Pleiades Trailer Released

The second trailer for the new Gainax-Subaru magical girl astronomy anime has been posted on YouTube.

I have to say, this trailer has a bit more substance than the previous "OMG CUTE GIRLS" version. I had originally written Hokago off a a cynical, moe-pandering corporate tie-in, but this trailer has lit a small spark of hope that this will be something worth watching. Gainax, I'm counting on you!

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Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.

  • Aye that does show some promise… Well if Subaru lending their name and reputation to this effort one hopes it won’t be a dog…

    • Kei

      I demand a character named Impreza-chan.

  • Ryu

    Woah banner change as soon as I click on this.

    Yeah, I’m not totally convinced either, but as Madoka Magica has shown us you shouldn’t judge a book by its pink, sequinned cover.

    They should totally work drifting into this, though.

    • If Madoka has us shown anything, then that you should judge a book by the staff.

  • I hope the guy in black is named ‘Honda.’

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it looks kinda better, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. It is directed Shouji Saeki, the guy who gave us all of Gainax’s bad/mediocre shows like He Is My Master, Mahoromatic, and This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.

    • Kei

      Stop raining on my parade! T_T

  • I still just don’t get it. And who’s that sinister looking person at the end of the trailer? He must be a Mitsubishi or a Nissan.

  • Will Madoka Magica have a match? I don’t think so. Tweets say that it’s 4 episodes (25 min per ep).

  • My prediction: It will be ugly and unrefined, but tough as nails and as fast as a bat out of hell.