New K-ON!! Single “Pure Pure Heart”

CD Japan’s listings have recently revealed new information about the upcoming K-ON!! single. You can preorder it here.

Pure Pure Heart
Release Date: June 2nd
Price: 1000 yen
1. Pure Pure Heart
2. Sakuragaoka Joshi Kotogakko Koka (Sakura Girls High School Theme Song) [Rock Ver.]
3. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental)
4. Sakuragaoka Joshi Kotogakko Koka [Rock Ver.] (instrumental)
5. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Guitar 1]
6. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Guitar 2]
7. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Keyboard]
8. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Bass]
9. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Drums]

[Via CD Japan]

Gundam Rock Released

It is the year 0079 of the Universal Century… and Andrew is ready to ROCK!

The original Japanese version of this song, called Soldiers of Sorrow, was first featured as the ending of the second Mobile Suit Gundam compilation movie, and has since become symbolic of the entire franchise. Rock musician Andrew W.K.’s English language cover of it, along with several other iconic Gundam songs, appear on his new album, Gundam Rock. This album, which becomes available on Amazon today, is part of Bandai’s 30th Gundam anniversary marketing blitz, which thus far has included a 60-foot (18.5 meter) tall Gundam replica statue (complete with themed weddings), a new television series, and an epic animated short, among other things.

Gundam Rock follows in the footsteps of Andrew’s 2008 album, The Japan Covers, in which he covered a variety of Japanese pop songs. Although reviews for his latest venture into Jpop are still forthcoming, the clips that have surfaced on YouTube indicate that this will be an album well worth owning for Gundam fans.

A Japanese TV news report about the album, as well as Andrew’s cover of “Fly! Gundam” can be found below.

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