Bioware’s Dragon Age Will Soon Be An Anime

It seems Halo: Legends started a trend. Soon after Bungie made their own Animatrix, Stan Lee and Marvel teamed up with Japanese studios to create Heroman and Iron Man. Now Western RPG developer Bioware is collaborating with Funimation to created an animated movie based on Dragon Age: Origins, according to an ANN story.

Bioware is no stranger to using other mediums as tie-ins to their video games: both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises have expanded to multiple novels, comic books and even a Flash game. However, this marks their first attempt at an animated film. Combine this with the recent news of a live-action Mass Effect film, and it seems like the game developer is making a strong push to broaden their audience. As a huge fan of Bioware, I sincerely hope they can accomplish that without angering their existing fans.

My advice? Don’t do a retread of the video games.

And don’t let Uwe Boll get within 100 miles of the production team.

Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister announced

According to Japanator, the game Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister has been announced for the PSP, and is slated for a December 24th release in Japan. The game challenges the player to raise a Lucky Star girl to become a popular net idol, via a series of minigames. In this respect, it seems to be either an homage or a parody of the Idolmaster series. Your girl will be able to visit Akihabara, Bukuro, their own hometown and (naturally) the internet.

–Via Japanator