Mio Akiyama Is Now On Twitter

Reads right-to-left.

Those of you who have been following me on Twitter know that I’ve recent been posting lots of ero-pics of poor Mio, as part of a collective attempt to get #AkiyamaMio trending. Well, it turns out Mio herself was so incensed by these lewd images that she’s joined Twitter herself. Originally, she joined just to tell me off, but I think she’s actually starting to get addicted to the joys of tweeting. Everybody head over to her profile and give her a warm welcome! I’m still going to keep posting ero-pics of her, by the way… OW! OW! Fine, I’ll stop! GEEZ!

Early Endless Eight Sales Indicators Poor

Although official sales figures for the Endless Eight DVDs are still forthcoming, early indicators seem to reinforce Kadokawa’s pessimism about the much-reviled arc’s market potential. In particular, Akihabara’s various anime-oriented stores have seen low sales, with one employee describing them as “mortal”. Whether or not this will translate into poor sales overall remains to be seen; however, it’s not looking very good at this point.

Despite this, Akiba’s shops still feature a wide variety of colorful Haruhi promotional material, some of it emphasizing the fanservice aspects of the E8 arc. The variety of swimsuit designs featured throughout E8 seems to be a particularly potent selling point. Pictures of a few of these displays can be found below. For a peek inside the actual DVD set itself, check out this post over on Cartoon Leap.

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